Like Pale Gold
Like Pale Gold kim-minseok stories

honeythighs i believe.
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minseok will live forever.
jongdae will not.

Like Pale Gold

by honeythighs

how many more nights do i have to stay up?

something peculiar glinted in his eyes, stained a curiously improbable crimson.

the glimmer of his skin, pale yet tinted with the slightest shimmer of gold, caught in the low light of the full moon.

his steps were light, barely ghosting the packed dirt of the ground as he advanced towards jongdae, fingers outstretched.

the pads of minseok's fingers, worn smooth over time, were bitingly cold on the hollow curve of jongdae's pronounced cheekbone.

"beautiful," minseok whispered, his voice deep, coarse with disuse.

blood swelled under the flesh of his bowed lips and heavy eyelids, bringing forth a celestial glow seldom seen, one that did not seem to be of this world.

jongdae shivered under minseok's touch, his eyes bright with an inane desire. "so damn beautiful."

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