I See You Lying Next to Me
I See You Lying Next to Me nature stories

honeythighs i believe.
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your world is he whose heartbeat matches the circle of day and night.

I See You Lying Next to Me

You think of what the world means to you, nestled between the miracle of life and an infinite, sentient vacuum.

Your world is he whose heartbeat matches the circle of day and night, he who is not afraid to keep on living.

He is the boy who remains suspended in the vastness of space, who never speaks but sees everything.

The nothingness to which he is shackled to has sharpened his senses, raised his awareness to comprehend the unimaginable breadth of the universe.

In comparison, you are so insignificant, so vulnerable, that you may as well disappear.

You can feel the weight of the sky in his heartbeat, in the pulse of his slender wrist beneath your fingers. He is your world, without even knowing who you are.

The boy is lonely as he floats in a realm between your reality and his. You see him through a distant looking glass, a mesh of cloud and black fog.

His eyes warm up, like dusky orange bleeding into the deep violet of your sunrise. Your tongue still burns from last night's vanilla coffee, but the heat of his sun is always welcome.

His mind is naked, open, susceptible. You feel your heart stutter, thrum away with the exuberant energy of your existence, and you feel both minuscule and enormous in your place in the world.

You do not know anything about this glorious creature, but it only takes so long to become entangled in someone else's existence.

He is a part of your beginning, and will remain within you until your end. His heartbeat keeps you alive, breathing vitality into your veins. You share his joy, the burden of his grief.

For a single, breathtaking moment, he is less alone.

His vibrant eyelashes shadow the jut of his cheekbones, thin tendrils of darkness captured within an intense light. His fingers linger on your jaw, drawing a feverish warmth into your numb skin.

Even with your eyes closed, you can feel him on every part of you. His sunny mouth lingers on your bottom lip, before nudging down to kiss below your ear.

Pressure glimmers in your belly, thickening until it feels like a nebula dangerously stretching across your insides. It heats your body, bringing it color, flushing and trembling.

His orbit has shifted, ever so slightly, to overlap with yours. You are now a part of each other's worlds, whether you are aware of it or not.

The aching absence of space tugs you together, tangles your hair, mingles your breaths. He burns swiftly and ferociously, casting his brilliant rays unto your cool blue.

You have not changed who he is, but you have altered his world to accommodate you. You begin your first revolution as a new entity, spinning endlessly towards Neptune.

Nothing has ever felt so outlandish, yet you know you belong. Here, change is not a matter of otherworldly capacity, and instead one of will.

You have shown the boy who swims amidst stars in a navy winter sea what it means to be a part of something bigger than himself, more immense than anything he can imagine.

You are too tightly tied to your bodily existence to comprehend the infinitesimal shift in the universe that you have caused.

Instead of hurtling past him like an asteroid propelled off-course, he has tugged you in with his gravity. You circle one another, solitary pieces of a larger notion. He has found a friend.

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