My Resignation To You
My Resignation To You stories

honeysenpaiHeyyyyyyyy, I exist sadly.
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What’s the point of being mad? I’m just gonna wish you the best of luck with your girl.

My Resignation To You

Why was I passionate about writing about him?

He claimed that he loved me, hell he even claimed I was his one and only...

Fact is I believed him. I defended him.. It was foolish of me, I know this now.

Always so easily to fall for beautiful lies and empty promises.

Was it fun toying with my heart?

Did you enjoy fooling me for so long?

But my faithful friend told me your secret.

I couldn’t believe it.

He was cheating on me with another girl, but I was the mistress!

Acting like I didn’t know, telling you that you where free to go.

Here is where I resign. I resign my love for you.

I am done being your play thing on the side

I’m done, I’m through, I won’t be your fool

Just know that my heart wil be hidden away from you.

My final words for you are:

I hope you love and treat her right.

Don’t lie or hurt her, because she has a heart too.

Goodbye, and may you live a happy life.

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