ALPHA; prologue
ALPHA; prologue honey stories
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honey nonlinear artist
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the first installment. enjoy. this is a short chapter, and i anticipate that the majority will be longer.

ALPHA; prologue

Sometimes terrible things happen and we never get to know why.

There was blood on her hands, so much that it looked like scarlet gloves, ruby-red and dripping. Spattered, smeared, and running everywhere. Rome’s hands shook like she was freezing to death. Ana could only stare at her, lips parted in surprise, all the blood drained from her face.

“Who—“ she started, slow and uncomprehending, but she couldn’t finish her question. Her dark eyes were so wide and so scared. Then she stumbled backward out of the room and down the hall, screaming for help.

Rome couldn’t stop thinking about how the setting sun outside the window turned the sky her favorite shade of pink.

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