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Just something I wrote for myself.



They never tell you the truth. How it really feels leaving home.

Your head is filled with expectations of a bomb social life, making friends that will last a lifetime, and amazing opportunities that you forget one thing.

You're leaving home. You're a fledgling. You're moving out of your hometown where you grew up to an entirely different city to start over.

The people you have grown used to having around are not there anymore.

You walk into the kitchen expecting your mother to be there making a cup of tea, or your siblings squabbling over the remote control in the living room.

But then you remember that they're not here. You left them behind, and it's just you and four strangers.

If you're outgoing and love making new friends, you'll grow to love your new life instantly, instead of lying in bed to avoid everyone and wishing every second that you were home.

But that's okay. Really, it is.

Slowly, you come out of your shell. You realise that the people on your course have something in common with you.

Suddenly it becomes easier to smile and talk to people without messing up your words and making a right prat of yourself

You begin to enjoy the fact that you're starting an amazing transition from youth to adulthood.

The independence that you dreamed of as a teen becomes a reality. You're beginning to build your own life from scratch.

You can hang onto whatever is left of your youth as much as possible, but the sun is setting on your old life.

You're becoming an adult, even though you don't feel like one.

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@inkspotz Thank you! I really appreciate your feedback! :3

inkspotzGifted WriterFanfiction.net and Wattpad writer
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I really liked that! It was a very accurate depiction of what it's like to "leave the nest" for the first time. Great job!