Are they laughing at me?
Are they laughing at me? sad stories

holygryphons Twttr:
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You know when you start listening to yourself...?

Are they laughing at me?


Are they talking about me?

I swear I just heard them say my name.

My heart slams against my rib cage. They're talking in hushed tones. What is so secretive that no one else is allowed to hear?

What are they laughing at? I'm desperate find out, so I creak the door open.

I'm just checking. Surely I'm just being paranoid.

Or they actually do hate me.

I try to tell myself, "Why do you care about what they think so much?"

But the truth is, I just want to be liked.

I want one of them to knock on my door, I want to open it and see them smiling at me: "Hey," They will say, "Let's hang out!"

But they did do that once upon a time. And you shut them out. Like you always do.

You snubbed them. No wonder why they hate you.

And you wonder why you're standing at the door, eavesdropping because of your self-inflicted paranoia.

You have no one to blame but yourself.

Of course they hate you.

So, the answer to your question is yes. Yes, they are.

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