Random And Interesting Things I Read
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This is just random things I read from other books that I consider deep.

Random And Interesting Things I Read

by Holo

You're like a rose, beautiful yet untouchable. A rose has thorns to protect itself and you have walls built up to protect yourself from heartbreak.

The ocean is so beautiful and mysterious. I like to think I'm the same. Maybe not beautiful, but mysterious.

I can't love. It's against everything I was taught as a child. Yet here you are making me feel something weird and strange.

I never wanted it to end this way. You were suppose to live the life you always wanted without me to hold you do. Why did you get in the way? Why would you throw it all away?

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Well written but I am unsure of the message What were the titles and who were the authors? That addition to each quotation would help clarify the message. Good job!