Never Judge A Book By Its Cover
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It's a little rant. The title says it all.

Never Judge A Book By Its Cover

by Holo

I had so many people think I was just the smart, shy girl in school (minus my best friends).

People think that my group of friends are the smartest in our grade.

They think we waste all of our time studying all of our subjects.

They're wrong. We don't waste all of our time studying. We aren't as shy as they make us out to be. We just have to get used to other people's company.

We're not the smartest. We're considered (somewhat) nerds, but that's not true. We mostly waste all of our time playing video games. It might not show in our grades.

We might not participate as much as the other kids (even if we know the right answer), but that's just us.

In projects others want to be our partners, but not because they know us on a personal level. They just want a good grade, They try to make us talk more, but pressuring us isn't going to work.

I remember when I told one of the boys that I played Call of Duty and other shooter games and he and his friends were surprised.

Just because someone seems a certain way, there's a lot more to them then meets the eye.

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And try to show you are just like those dolts or want to be just like them. You wrote this very well. Your words conveyed the school yard mentality. It hasn't changed much is 50 years. You have good habits. Keep them. Enjoy the "in-crowd" they'll be working for you someday.