Stop It, Peter!
Stop It, Peter! harry potter stories

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Stop It, Peter!

Peter and I have been married for several years now. We have a beautiful girl who is two whose name is Ivy Pettigrew. James and Lily have a boy named Harry that is one. Sirius and Remus are together in a romantic way.

Peter comes in clearly upset. I ask, "Honey, what is wrong?" Peter says, "Care Bear, I have to betray the Potters apparently. It could be the death of you, our daughter, and me if I don't." I say, "Stop it, Peter! You cannot betray your friends."

Peter says, "I know but what about you and Ivy." I say, "I would prefer to die and Ivy to die than you to betray our friends. What if the roles were reversed? Would you want James to betray us just to save Lily and Harry?" Peter shakes his head no.

Lets just put it this way, Peter never betrayed the Potters. Harry was raised with two loving parents; and, Voldemort was eventually murdered by Neville Longbottom. Neville was the Chosen One not Harry.

Peter says to me once Voldemort has been defeated, "I am so thankful that you kept me from going down the wrong path, babe." I smile and give him Eskimo kisses.

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