Assistant Lover: Chapter 8 - After Hours (Mature Content!) Part 2
Assistant Lover: Chapter 8 - After Hours (Mature Content!) Part 2 bts stories

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Continuation of part 1. Mature content!

Assistant Lover: Chapter 8 - After Hours (Mature Content!) Part 2

“You know.” He said between kisses. “I thought it would take longer for you to warm up to me.” One of Jungkook’s hands traveled up my thigh and then ran over the outside of my lace panties.

I moaned softly at the touch, keeping my arms wrapped around Jungkook’s shoulders. “I thought you hated me.

” I said before I felt Jungkook’s finger slip underneath the fabric and he began to tease me with long, slow strokes of his finger.

I gasped and moaned before I swallowed and found my voice again. “You said you didn’t have to be nice, but you are when you’re off the clock.

” I felt Jungkook’s finger slip into me, and I let out another moan as I felt his long finger slide in with ease. “For the most part.”

I tilted my head back, feeling Jungkook’s tongue on my neck. He slipped another finger inside me, and he proceeded to move his fingers around inside me, earning him more gasps and moans from me.

His lips left my neck and he looked into my eyes with a smirk. “For the most part.” He repeated my words.

The fingers that were inside me suddenly left, and I felt Jungkook grip my thin lace panties. With one rough tug, they tore off of my hips. The loud rip sound they made startled me.

I saw my torn up panties fly across the room before I looked at Jungkook with angry eyes.

“That was the only pair of panties that I have here right now! I don’t have another pair in my bag!” I didn’t yell, but there was still anger in my voice.

“Then it looks like you’re not wearing any tonight.” Jungkook said, with a smirk still on his lips.

His fingers quickly found their way back inside me, causing me to let out a surprised gasp and moan. He leaned in and whispered in my ear. “Like you said. I’m nice for the most part.

” With that, he pushed me so that I was now lying on the desk. His fingers continued their tease as Jungkook bent over me.

His mouth found their way to my nipples, licking and sucking on each one before straightening back up.

The teasing left me slowly crawling toward an orgasm. Jungkook stared at my exposed body, biting his lip as his fingers worked inside me.

I moved to cover myself from Jungkook’s stare, but he brushed my arms away from my body before his free hand began to play with my nipples.

I moaned louder, gripping the edges of the desk as I fought off my orgasm.

“Jungkook.” I moaned, closing my eyes and arching my back against the desk as I felt myself on the edge of my orgasm.

Right when I was ready to let myself go, Jungkook’s fingers left my body. I opened my eyes to see Jungkook remove his underwear.

I caught a glimpse of his hard manhood before his strong arms pulled my hips closer to the edge of the desk.

He then shoved my legs open wide and grabbed his manhood, positioning himself at my entrance. There was only a moment’s pause before he pushed his length into me.

I let out a gasp, and covered my mouth with my arm, trying to keep myself from moaning too loudly. Anyone who was still on the floor might hear me if they walked by.

I heard Jungkook moan softly as he pushed his length all the way inside me. Once he was completely inside me, the orgasm that I had been building up to finally hit me.

I moaned loudly into my arm,​and arched my back as my walls tightened around Jungkook’s length.

As soon as my orgasm had passed, his hands gripped my hips and he began to move his hips back and forth. I held onto the desk with one hand, while the other kept my moans muffled.

I barely had a chance to recover from my first orgasm, but now Jungkook’s length was working me up toward another one.

His strong hips quickly set a fast pace, rocking me back and forth on the sturdy hardwood​ desk. I heard a few more moans escape Jungook’s lips, but I could tell he tried to fight them back.

As Jungkook continued his fast pace, he bent over the desk, letting his body rub against mine as he pounded me into the desk.

I removed my arm from my mouth and our lips met again in a heated passion. My arms wrapped around Jungkook’s shoulders tightly.

His breathing gradually became more labored, and his increased grunts and moans let me know he was approaching his climax. The increased force in his thrusts also told me that he was near.

I was fighting off my own orgasm by now, wanting to last until he came.

Our lips parted once again as Jungkook lifted his torso off of me. He put his hands on the desk just above my shoulders and he held himself up as his hips continued to pound me into the desk.

I gripped the desk and looked up at Jungkook, who seemed to be concentrated on his movements. Sweat poured off his body and dripped onto mine.

I was beginning to slip on the desk, but Jungkook’s arms that were above my shoulders kept me from sliding too much.

“Ari.” I heard Jungkook moan quietly. He seemed to be on the edge of his climax​ since the speed of his thrusts decreased while the force that drove his length into me was strong.

I couldn’t hold back my orgasm any longer, so as I let myself go, I heard Jungkook moan before he closed his eyes and pounded into me a few last times as he came.

I held onto Jungkook tightly as my legs wrapped around his hips. I stiffened and shook as each wave of my orgasm hit me, and each thrust of Jungkook’s hips rocked me into his desk.

Jungkook’s hips stopped and he pulled out, but he still hovered over me. I saw him look at something behind me and he smiled. “We’ve successfully killed a half hour.

” He said, looking back down at me. He then grabbed my waist and pulled me up so that I was sitting up on the desk.

I looked up at Jungkook and ran my hand through my wet, sweaty hair. “Ugh, I wish we had a shower in this place.” I said, wiping my sweaty hand on Jungkook’s chest.

“Are we going to be allowed in looking like we just came from the gym?”

Jungkook smiled as he reached down for his underwear. “We’ll manage. We’ll just have to use some extra cologne and perfume.”

As Jungkook got his underwear back on, I looked around for mine but then remembered that Jungkook had ripped them off. I saw them on the floor near the doorway to my office.

“You need to get me new underwear now. I’m starting to run low.” I said, picking up the torn panties and throwing them at him. “I don’t need these anymore. Do what you want with them.”

Jungkook caught the panties and then opened one of his drawers and threw them inside. After he closed the drawer, he looked up at me and smiled. “I’ll figure out a good use for them later.

” He said, walking over to me. “Let’s get ready. We’ll just take our time getting to the restaurant.” He leaned over and kissed my neck right before he gave me a light smack on my ass.

I let out a surprised gasp and watched Jungkook as he walked over to the closet. I followed, and we both got changed into our dinner clothes.

I wore a short black dress with some black and gold jewelry and gold colored heels. Jungkook wore a black suit, and he managed to comb his hair back to the way it was before it got messed up.

I had a tougher time with my hair, but I eventually just gave up and let it be. As soon as we were ready, we gathered our belongings and walked out of the office, locking the door behind us.

As we walked down the hallway, I felt Jungkook wrap his arm around my waist. I looked over at him to see him smiling. “No one’s around.

” He said as we reached the elevator and pressed the down arrow.

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