Assistant Lover: Chapter 7 - Yin and Yang (Part 1)
Assistant Lover: Chapter 7 - Yin and Yang (Part 1) bts stories

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Adrianna's first day with Jungkook as her boss

Assistant Lover: Chapter 7 - Yin and Yang (Part 1)

I walked into the building that I worked in with the same nerves that I had when I first came here for my interview a year ago.

I held my purple travel mug in one hand, and Jungkook’s gold travel mug in the other. The elevator ride up felt like the longest ride ever.

I didn’t know what to expect from my new boss who was three years younger than me. The elevator doors opened on the floor I worked on, but I almost forgot to get off.

I quickly squeezed out of the crowded elevator and began my journey down the hallway to my office. I approached my door to find that it was already open.

Confused, I stood in the doorway and looked around the office.

Was this really the right room? I looked at my name that was on the door, and back to my desk where my name was on a plaque sitting on the edge of the desk.

The dark wood desk had been replaced with a new black wooden desk with glass cubby doors, and silver accents. Part of the surface of the desk was glass where there were no drawers underneath.

It looked very modern, but it wasn’t my style. The computer at my desk was also new, but luckily my personal items were still there. The flowers that Jimin had bought for me were gone, though.

In their place was a small black and white colored glass vase with six red and white roses sitting perfectly arranged on the desk next to my computer.

I walked up to the new desk and noticed the chair was brand-new as well, with black leather and silver accents to match the desk.

I set the coffee mugs down onto the new desk and took a look at the desk. I opened the drawers to find a lot of the papers had disappeared.

I sometimes kept papers that I thought might be important, but they were all gone. This didn’t feel like my office anymore, even with my name written on the plaques.

I sat down in the chair, trying to take it all in. I put my purse and my lunch bag into the drawers of the desk before I heard a voice. It wasn’t coming from my room, though.

It came from the phone that sat on my desk. The voice said “How do you like your new office?”

I knew it was Jungkook. He was probably sitting in the room behind me. Jin never used the intercom, since he always preferred face-to-face interaction so it was strange using the com now.

I pressed the button on the phone and spoke into the speaker. “Not my style, but I don’t hate it.” I said.

There was a short pause before I heard Jungkook speak again. “You have my coffee?”

“What would you do if I said no?” I asked, looking at the gold coffee mug.

“Then I would take your coffee.” He said. “Bring in my coffee and let’s have a talk before you start.”

“Can I bring my coffee in, too?” I asked, but there was no response. I sighed, already frustrated even though my dad just barely got started. “I’m gonna need a bigger coffee mug.

One that’s big enough to club him over the head with.” I murmured.

“What was that, Miss. Bennett?” I heard Jungkook’s voice again. He was still listening. I quickly pressed the button again to turn the intercom off.

With a frustrated groan, I opened the door to what was now Jungkook’s office​ and grabbed both coffee mugs before walking into the office.

Jungkook was sitting behind the desk with his usual smirk on his face. “Good morning, Sir.” I said in a flat voice, handing Jungkook his golden coffee mug.

Jungkook took the coffee mug from my hand and then nodded toward the open door. “Close the door.” He said before taking a sip of his coffee.

I turned and closed the door, and that’s when I noticed the new door handle. There was never a lock on the door handle, but this new one had a lock on it.

The lock was already on when I closed the door. I turned back around to see Jungkook standing up now behind his desk. He nodded toward one of the chairs that sat in front of his desk.

I wordlessly sat down in the chair, holding my coffee mug to my chest after sipping it.

“Why did you take away the flowers?” I asked, looking up at Jungkook as he sipped his coffee.

He shrugged, setting his coffee mug down on his desk. “I didn’t like them, so I gave you ones that I like.”

“Have you ever thought that maybe I liked them?” I asked.

Jungkook walked around his desk and stood in front of me. “Then you should have taken them home with you. I prefer to be surrounded by things that I like.” He said, leaning back into his desk.

“Then why haven’t you gotten rid of me?” I asked. I lifted the coffee mug to my lips, but I suddenly felt a hand on mine.

Jungkook slowly took the coffee mug away from my hands as I glared at him. No one ever took my coffee away from me.

“That’s because I like you.” He said. He was about to set the coffee mug on the desk, but he stopped himself before taking a sip of my coffee.

He gave a satisfied nod before placing the coffee mug on​ the desk next to his. He looked back at me and let out a small chuckle. “You’ll have it back in a couple minutes.”

“Good. Now tell me why you give me hell when you like me.” I said, crossing my arms over my chest.

Jungkook smiled. “Just because I like you doesn’t mean I have to be nice to you all the time.” He said, slipping his hands into the pockets of his pants.

“In fact, I wanted to tell you that I expect you to work a little extra while I’m your boss. You see, Jin never really took many opportunities to expand the company.

While I’m here, I will be working to make the company grow. In order to do that, I have to travel. As my personal assistant, I expect you to come along with me. Do you have any objections?”

I had plenty, but I kept my mouth shut. I understood Jungkook’s desire to expand the company. Jin didn’t like to take too many risks, even if the benefit was greater than the risks.

I only traveled with Jin twice since I started working here, but with Jungkook’s ambition, I may be traveling more often. “How much traveling do you expect to do while you’re here?” I asked.

Jungkook thought for a moment, then shrugged. “Maybe once or twice a month. There will be a lot of planning involved, so that’s why I expect you to work extra hours.

” He paused, and I watched as he tilted his head. “This may not work in favor for your relationship with your boyfriend, though.” He said, but there was no concern in his voice.

I looked down and sighed. “Things got complicated.” I began. “I told him what you said, and we talked.

He just got a promotion at work, so he won’t be available as much anymore, and we just decided to put things on hold again until our lives become more stable.

I’ll have no problem working extra hours as long as I’m getting paid enough.” I looked back up at Jungkook, and noticed a smirk playing on his lips.

Was he happy to hear that my relationship got complicated?

“So no more boyfriend?” he asked.

I shook my head. “Not officially. We’re still going to see each other, but our main focus is our work now.”

“Good.” Jungkook said before grabbing my coffee mug off of his desk. He didn’t hand it to me yet, though. “I would like you to start working on getting us traveling.

I want to start expanding as soon as possible.” Jungkook held out the coffee mug and gave me a smile. I uncrossed my arms and stood up.

I was about to grab my coffee mug when Jungkook pulled it away slightly. “Oh, and one more thing.” Jungkook pushed himself off of his desk and stood a few inches from me.

He leaned in and whispered into my ear. “You only need to book one hotel room for us. We’ll save money that way.

” Jungkook leaned back and winked at me before pushing the coffee mug into my open hand.

My face must’ve flushed a bright red, because I noticed Jungkook trying to hold back his laughter as he watched my face. “Two beds, though.

” I said quickly from embarrassment before taking the coffee mug, and turning to walk back to my office.

I turned the doorknob to open the door, but it was still locked, causing me to run right into the door. “Shit, I forgot this has a lock.

” I murmured before unlocking the door and walking into my office. I closed the door behind me and then collapsed into my chair. “What the fuck just happened?”

I thought about the idea of sharing a room with Jungkook. It already made me feel uncomfortable. I barely knew him, but he was already suggesting we share a room.

I didn’t think he liked me, but now I thought he was just playing with me. This must be how he has fun, by making other people uncomfortable.

I turned on my brand new computer and began my work for the day. I tried my best not to think about Jungkook, but I had to see him a few times and each time I could feel my cheeks flush again.

I stayed a little longer than I usually did in the past, so I texted Suga to let him know.

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