Assistant Lover: Chapter 18 - One, Two. (Part 1) Warning: Mature Content!
Assistant Lover: Chapter 18 - One, Two. (Part 1) Warning: Mature Content! bts stories

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Jungkook teases Adrianna as he plays a game to decide where they go on their business trip. Warning: This chapter contains sexual content!

Assistant Lover: Chapter 18 - One, Two. (Part 1) Warning: Mature Content!

I reached the kitchen not long after Jungkook did. I was glad that he didn’t glance back​ because I was probably walking funny.

The metal beads moving around inside me made it difficult to concentrate on anything else like how I was walking or where I was going.

I leaned over the island in the kitchen as I watched Jungkook get out a few things.

“What are you in the mood for?” he asked, opening the fridge and looking inside of it.

“I’ve got cereal, fruit, yogurt, eggs, sausage, bacon, bread for toast, and a couple of muffins if my cousin hasn’t eaten them all yet.”

I wasn’t too hungry this morning, so I figured some toast and yogurt would keep me going for a while. “Just yogurt and toast will be fine.

” I said, watching him as he pulled out two yogurt containers.

“Peach or cherry?” he asked, looking over at me.

“Hmm. I’m feeling peachy today.” I said, taking the peach yogurt from Jungkook as he held it out to me.

After he gave me a spoon, I opened the yogurt and watched Jungkook as he got the toast going. I didn’t move much as I ate my yogurt. I was afraid I might choke if I moved my hips too much.

But when I was done with my yogurt, I saw that the trash can was out of my reach, and the lid on it prevented me from throwing it like a basketball.

I finally moved, walking over to the trashcan and throwing the yogurt out. I turned and saw Jungkook staring at me. He chuckled, and then put two pieces of toast on a plate.

“Walking like a penguin isn’t going to make them move around any less if that’s what you’re trying to do.

” He said, looking down at the plate of toast and spreading some butter on top of the two pieces. “These are for you.

” Jungkook put the plate of two buttered pieces of toast in front of one of the chairs that sat at the island. “You can pick what else you might want on top.”

I saw the assortment of jams and jellies spread out on the surface, so I tried my best to walk normally over to the island. I sat down in the chair, which didn’t exactly help matters.

The excitement built up inside me slowly with each movement of the metal beads inside me. I took a deep breath as I stared at the jams and jellies in front of me.

After using two different flavored jellies, I ate the toast quickly. We talked a little while Jungkook ate his breakfast, and we decided to figure out our first business trip today.

That is, of course, if I could ever focus on the task unless he removed the balls. I had a feeling that Jungkook wasn’t going to be that nice.

We cleaned up after breakfast, but before we went upstairs, Jungkook wanted to show me the rooms that I hadn’t seen yet.

He showed me the gym that bordered the large living area and the balcony outside. There were a few machines in there, but also an open area with dumbbells and a large yoga ball.

There was also a shower room and sauna attached to the gym, and a bathroom on the other side of the shower room and sauna.

We strode over to the stairs, where there was a door that I barely noticed. It led to a game room that looked more like an arcade than a room in a luxurious modern condo.

The last room was the door that stood right across from the upstairs landing. It was a guest bedroom with its own bathroom and walk-in closet.

It was pretty bare for now​ since Jungkook was still adding things to the place and a guest was the last thing on his mind.

I was technically a guest, but I slept with Jungkook in his bed, so he didn’t need to worry about a guest room for now.

By the time we reached the office, I was almost shaking from the arousal of feeling the balls inside me move so much from all the walking around I did.

We decided to use Jungkook’s office, so we walked in and he closed and locked the door behind us.

“Why are you locking the door when we’re the only two people in the place?” I asked, watching him walk behind his desk and sit in his office chair.

“My cousin also has the key to my place. She usually doesn’t intrude unless it’s urgent. Just taking precautions.” He smiled at me and then patted his thigh. “Let’s get started, shall we?”

There were other chairs in the room, but Jungkook insisted that I sit on his thigh. “I’m gonna cut off the circulation in your leg.

” I said, but he grabbed my hand and pulled me down onto his lap.

“I’ll tell you when my leg goes numb.” He said, wrapping his arms around my waist.

We began going over some of the places we wanted to go, and quickly narrowed down our list. It was difficult to focus​ because every move of Jungkook’s leg made me even more aroused.

I was practically straddling his thigh, and I was glad that I had two layers of fabric to keep Jungkook’s pants from getting wet from my arousal.

“How are we going to choose between these four?” I asked, nodding toward the four folders that sat in front of us.

“I have an idea.” Jungkook said before grabbing a pen and writing a number on each folder.

After numbering the folders, he set the marker down and his hands slipped under my shirt and ran down my body to my hips. One of his hands slipped into my pants and traveled to my entrance.

“Let’s see how many times I can make you come before I take these out of you.” He began rubbing my clit slowly, teasing my already wet crotch. “And that will be the number we go with.”

I let out a soft moan, my hands gripping the edge of the desk as Jungkook’s fingers teased me.

I was already sensitive from the metal beads moving around inside me so any more teasing would set me off within minutes.

“What if I come more than four times?” I asked before I let out another moan as his finger moved over my entrance.

“Then we’ll have to start over.” He whispered into my ear before his finger pushed past my entrance and into me where the metal beads already teased me.

I could feel his finger move the metal balls around, and that feeling alone already had my orgasm sneaking up on me.

He added a finger a few seconds later and he began pushing and pulling at the beads inside me. I moaned louder and bit my lip, trying to delay my orgasm for as long as I possibly could.

But Jungkook wasn’t going to let me off easily. His other hand moved up my body and his fingers began to tease my already hard​ nipples.

His lips were on my neck, his hot breath tickling my sensitive skin.

I could just barely hold back any longer from my body being teased in three different places at once. My head tilted back as I moaned and finally lost control of my body, my orgasm hit​ me hard.

My thighs gripped Jungkook’s thigh tightly and my hands gripped the desk tightly as my inner walls clenched around the beads and Jungkook’s fingers.

Each wave of my orgasm made me shudder until it eventually faded and my body began to relax. Jungkook pulled his fingers out of me, but the beads stayed inside.

His other hand came down and both his hands gripped my hips.

“One.” He whispered into my ear before lifting my hips up so that I was now standing. I was glad that I still had a grip on the desk because otherwise,​ my knees would have given out.

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