Assistant Lover: Chapter 14 - A Different side (Mature content) Part 1
Assistant Lover: Chapter 14 - A Different side (Mature content) Part 1 bts stories

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Jimin finds out about Adrianna's weekend at Jungkook's place. He is not happy. Warning: Sexual content

Assistant Lover: Chapter 14 - A Different side (Mature content) Part 1

Bzzzzt. Bzzzzt. The sound of my phone vibrating filled my ears as I slowly drifted into consciousness. Bzzzzt. Bzzzzt.

I reached my arm out and fumbled around for my phone without opening my eyes. I found​ it just as it started vibrating again. I finally opened my eyes to see that it was Jimin who was calling.

I pressed the green phone button on my phone before holding the phone to my ear.

“You better have a good reason to be waking me from my sleep, Jimin.” I said, my voice low and groggy.

“You’re still asleep?” Jimin’s voice sounded surprised.

“Yeah.” I said before looking around for my clock. I saw that it was ten o’clock. I was usually up by nine since I usually went to yoga class at ten. “Oh.” I whispered.

“I guess I’m not going to yoga class today.”

“Are you OK?” Jimin’s voice sounded a little concerned. “You didn’t pick up when I called yesterday and you missed my call an hour ago to make sure you were up. Are you mad at me?”

My mind was still a little bit foggy, but I thought back to yesterday. I remembered the night I had with Jungkook at his place​ and then going for breakfast with him.

I remembered going for a walk in the park with him and meeting Jimin there. I remembered coming back here to find Yoongi had gone out of town for an interview.

I also remembered that Jungkook had stayed with me for most of the afternoon and we tumbled in the sheets that I now slept in.

Jimin had called in the middle of our passion, so I ignored the call. I had meant to call him later, but I fell asleep in Jungkook’s arms.

I woke up a couple hours later alone, but there was a note on my nightstand from Jungkook.

Cousin called. I will see you on Monday, Ari. – Boss Jungkook

I spent the rest of the night snacking on junk food, watching TV,

and sewing some torn clothes that had piled up in the ‘Torn but still usable’ pile next to the sewing machine in the spare bedroom. I had learned sewing on my own since living with Yoongi.

We always had torn clothes that were still pretty new, so in order to save money and clothes, I began to sew our torn clothes that were still useful.

I was sewing until almost two in the morning, and I forgot to set my alarm.

“Ari?” I heard Jimin’s voice again, snapping me out of my thoughts.

“Oh, sorry I was just trying to remember what I did yesterday.” I said. “I’m kind of mad at you, but I didn’t miss your calls on purpose.”

“OK, well I heard from Yoongi and he said that he made it to the city. I know you hate being alone, so if you’re not too mad at me can I come over?” Jimin asked.

“Are you coming over because you’re bored? Or are you coming over because you really want to see me?” I asked, knowing Jimin’s need for attention.

While I just didn’t like being alone, Jimin always needed attention. That was another reason for our break-up.

I felt comfortable knowing someone was around, but I liked to be left alone while knowing someone was there. Jimin constantly needed someone to talk to him and just be around him.

This was another reason why I loved living with Yoongi. I knew he was in the apartment, so I felt at ease but we usually just did our own things.

There was a short pause, so I knew he was just bored. “Both?” Jimin said, his voice a little higher than normal.

“You mean you’re bored and you want my attention, right?” I asked, but Jimin didn’t even have to answer the question. “Let me take a shower first. Give me an hour so that I can clean up, too.”

“OK!” Jimin squeaked with delight.

We hung up and I got out of bed. I quickly took the sheets off the bed and threw them in the laundry, trying to discard any trace of Jungkook ever being in my room.

If Jimin found out, he would throw a fit. I hid the note in a notebook that I kept in my drawer that Jimin never opened, and I picked up the clothes that scattered the room.

After I cleaned my room and sprayed it with air freshener, I hopped into the shower and rinsed off the lingering scent of Jungkook’s cologne.

A few minutes after I got dressed, I heard a knock on the door. I walked over to the door and opened it to see Jimin standing there with two bags of chips.

“I figured you might consider forgiving me if I brought snacks.”

I smiled and grabbed one of the bags of chips as Jimin walked into my apartment. After I closed and locked the door, I tore open the bag of chips and popped a couple into my mouth. “Mmmmmm.

” I hummed as I chewed the salty chips that tasted so good. “OK, I forgive you.”

“OK good.” Jimin said, leaning in and giving me a kiss on the cheek before he set the other bag down on the counter and opened it. “So how was that so-called meeting with your boss?”

I almost choked on the chips that I shoved into my mouth a few seconds earlier. I gave myself time to think of an answer as I chewed. “Boring.” I said after swallowing the chips.

“He drove me home after we talked.”

“He drove you home?” Jimin asked, with a hint of anger in his voice and face.

I shouldn’t have said that. “Well, he’s the one who made me meet up with him on my day off, so I made his driver bring me home.” I said, trying to lie as best I could.

“He has a lot of plans that he wants to complete before Jin gets back, so I may be spending more time with him in some of my spare time.”

Jimin looked at me, with a little bit of suspicion written on his face. “You’re sure it’s not because he might like you? I mean, you are pretty easy to fall for.

” Jimin said, walking up to me and stealing a few chips from my bag.

“Him? No. I’m not submissive enough for him. I think he’s the kind of guy who likes to be in control of a relationship” I shoved a few more chips into my mouth and chewed.

“If he’s ever had one with that attitude.”

Jimin seemed satisfied with my answers. “OK, but make sure he doesn’t control you too much.” He said and then he walked over to the sink and washed his hands.

“I know.” I said, eating a few more chips before rolling the bag up and setting it down on the counter.

I washed my hands after Jimin, and wiped my hands dry before I suddenly felt Jimin’s body press against my back.

I felt Jimin’s arms wrap around my waist, and his soft lips pressed against the side of my neck. I leaned back into Jimin, putting my arms around​ his that were wrapped around me.

“I wanted to see you because I’m going on a business trip next weekend. I won’t be able to see you for a couple weeks.” Jimin whispered into my ear.

Jimin had just gotten promoted at work, but already they were asking him to travel. If the turn of events in my life didn’t happen, I would be dreading a weekend not spent with him.

But now that Jungkook and I had a thing going, I didn’t worry.

I still loved being around Jimin, but there was something about Jungkook the just drew me to him despite his tendencies to test my patience.

I turned around in Jimin’s arms and faced him, leaning back into the counter behind me. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and smiled.

“Well, you do love going places so I’m sure you’ll enjoy yourself.” I said, playing with Jimin’s soft, dark hair.

“I wish I didn’t have to leave you, but I’m sure Yoongi will be here if he doesn’t disappear again.” Jimin said before leaning in and pressing his lips against mine.

Part of me felt guilty, knowing that Jungkook’s hands and lips had been all over my body for the past two days and Jimin didn’t know.

I would have to be careful with what I say​ since I had been calling out Jungkook’s name lately instead of Jimin’s.

Jimin’s lips parted from mine, but they made a trail down my neck. He lifted a hand and pulled the collar of my t-shirt away to gain better access to my sensitive skin.

Suddenly the kisses stopped and Jimin froze. He leaned his head back, and I saw that he was looking at my neck with a puzzled look on his face.

“Ari, why do you have bruises on your neck?” Jimin asked, moving the collar of my t-shirt further away from my neck.

Shit. I thought. Jungkook hadn’t been gentle with his teeth, and my skin bruised very easily. My heart raced, trying to think of another lie.

“You know how I tend to rub my neck when I’m stressed, right?” I couldn’t think of anything better to say.

I was good at telling small white lies​ or being able to rehearse a lie, but I couldn’t lie on the spot.

Jimin’s expression went dark. “Don’t lie to me, Ari. Did you boss do this?” Jimin asked, his voice low with anger.

My mind went blank. What should I do? What should I say? I started to shake my head, but Jimin wasn’t having any of it. He pushed me to the wall separating the kitchen from my bathroom.

My back hit the wall, making me gasp from the impact. I had never seen Jimin angry like this.

“Ari.” He said in a threatening voice. “You never keep secrets from me. If your boss is abusing you-“

“He’s not.” I cut him off. Jungkook told me not to tell anyone anything, but Jimin already knew something was up.

I couldn’t sweep it under the rug because Jimin knew where I worked and he could march up to Jungkook and demand to know what he was doing to me. “I let him do this.

” I felt tears welling up in my eyes.

“Is that why you wanted to break up with me? To be with him?” Jimin asked, his voice getting angrier with each word he spoke.

“No!” I almost yelled. “I hated him last weekend when we decided to take another break. I didn’t think he even liked me until Friday night when he took me out to dinner.

” I knew I was giving him too much information, but the words wouldn’t stop coming out of my mouth. “I feel guilty, but I didn’t stop him.

If we were still dating then I wouldn’t have done this, and you know that. I’m not trying to replace you. I know I sound crazy and I know you don’t like him, but please don’t tell anyone.

It would ruin Jin’s company.” The tears streamed down my face, but I tried to hold back my uncontrollable sobbing. I closed my eyes and bent my head down, not wanting to see Jimin’s hurt face.

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