Assistant Lover: Chapter 10 - The Boss' Lair (Some Mature Content) Part 1
Assistant Lover: Chapter 10 - The Boss' Lair (Some Mature Content) Part 1 fanfiction stories

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Adrianna finds herself in her boss' condo for the night. Warning: Some Mature content is in this chapter.

Assistant Lover: Chapter 10 - The Boss' Lair (Some Mature Content) Part 1

The place didn’t look like an apartment at all. It looked like a large house. Entire wall that faced the outside was made of windows.

I could see the darkening sky, and I noticed a large balcony outside. To my left were​ the kitchen​ and a large living area with a fireplace in the middle of the room.

I looked to my right to see the coat closet, and two other doors that were closed. I assumed one of them was a bathroom.

The ceiling and the barely visible stonewalls were white, while the floor was black tile.

There was a small area in the left corner of the room where the ceiling ended and the windows stretched to the second story.

My eyes were wide with amazement, and it took me a few moments to compose myself. “You live here? It looks like something out of a dream home magazine!” I said, taking a few steps forward.

I heard my heels hit the hard floor and paused. “Oh, do you want me to take these off?” I asked, looking at Jungkook and pointing to my heels.

Jungkook shook his head. “No, you can wait until we get to the bedroom.” He said and gave me a wink.

I felt my cheeks heating up again, but I just nodded and continued into the living room area and over to the stairs where the room opened up to the large two-story window.

“This view must be really pretty in the morning.” I whispered to myself as I walked up the black metal spiral staircase with Jungkook behind me.

“I never noticed how big that wet spot on your dress is.” I heard Jungkook say behind me.

I wanted to kick him, but I just quickly walked up the last few stairs. I stood on the dark wood floor of the landing and looked over the railings that lined the edges of the landing.

It must be nice to walk out here in the morning to watch the sunrise.

I looked behind me to find a door right across from the stairs, and another door just a few feet down the hall to the right of the stairs.

The wall to the right bent at a sixty-degree angle​ and stopped at the railings where it bent at another sixty-degree angle and continued and to the windows of the second story.

The door sat on the wall of the sixty-degree angle. The walls were white, while the door trim was a dark wood to match the floor.

I saw a small hallway to the right of the door on the oddly angular wall. I took a couple steps toward the hall to see another door sitting at the end of the small hallway.

Jungkook walked over to the door on the right. He turned the handle, but stopped and looked back at me. “You might want to take your shoes off now. It’s carpet inside.

” He said before turning and opening the door.

I quickly took my heels off and followed Jungkook into the room. In contrast to the rest of the place, the carpet was a cream color while the walls were a dark gray.

There was a large dark wood canopy bed that sat in the middle of the bedroom with a nightstand on the left side.

What looked like a jewelry stand stood against the wall next to the bed on the right. A long table sat at the foot of the bed that stretched the length of the bed.

A fancy lounge chair sat at the corner of the room to my left along with a small end table that sat next to it. There were two doors in the room.

One door was on the left wall, and one was on the right. I assumed one of them was the bathroom and one was the closet​ since there was no dresser in the room.

There was only a full-length mirror on the wall next to the door on my right.

I watched Jungkook as he set my bag on the lounge chair. “Put your shoes over here.” He said, pointing to the floor in front of the chair.

I walked over and set my shoes on the floor. As I stood up, Jungkook’s arms wrapped around my waist and I was greeted with a brief kiss. “Bathroom?” I asked.

“The one on the left.” Jungkook said before he unwrapped his arms from my waist.

“I’ll be right back.” I said with a smirk before I walked over to the bathroom door.

I opened the door and my hands quickly found the light switch. I turned the lights on and took in the sight before me. The floor was a dark grey marble, and the walls were a light cream color.

It was the exact opposite of the bedroom.

To my right, there was a long counter with two sinks on each end of the counter while the middle section of the counter was lower than the sinks, and a small make-up mirror sat on the counter.

A small cushioned stool sat just below the counter space. There were a few items on the counter, and if it weren’t for the shaving items, it would have looked like a woman’s bathroom.

To my right was a Jacuzzi bathtub built into the light colored tile and three walls enclosed the tub.

I closed the door and walked past the tub and counter and up to the shower that stood at the other end of the room.

There was a dial and button on the wall next to the clear glass door of the shower. It said ‘Steam.’ I figured it meant that it was a steam shower.

The toilet sat next to the shower, so I quickly did my business and washed my hands in one of the sinks of the bathroom. I looked at myself in the mirror and cringed.

My long hair looked messy and disheveled and my make-up was starting to rub off.

I opened the door to the bedroom to find the door on the other side of the room was open. I noticed Jungkook inside, putting on what looked like a bathrobe.

I walked over to the closet and peeked in. it was a huge walk-in closet with the same floor and walls as the bathroom.

A white marble island stood in the center of the closet that had a small mirror on top of it. A large full-length mirror filled the wall opposite the doorway that I stood in.

“This looks like a woman’s room.” I said, watching Jungkook walk up to me in his white bathrobe.

“It used to be.” He said. “Jin’s sister, my cousin, used to live here. I got the place because she wanted to move to the other side of the hallway.

She didn’t like the spiral staircase or the plain colors. You’ll probably see her tomorrow.”

Now it made sense. I was wondering why this bedroom had things that women wanted.

I met Jin’s sister a few times, but she could never stand to be around him for too long so I never got to know her well. “OK, so why are you in your bathrobe?” I asked.

Jungkook tilted his head. “Didn’t you say that you wanted to take a shower?” he asked.

I really did need a shower. “Yeah, I do.” I said before taking my jewelry off and setting them on the island of the closet.

I felt a hand on my back, gently running up the curve of my back until it reached the top of my zipper. I felt the zipper being pulled down, revealing the strapless bra that I wore underneath.

I didn’t have small or perky boobs, so I always needed to wear a bra. The dress fell to the ground after I wiggled my way out of it.

A couple seconds later my bra was unhooked and it fell to the floor to join my dress.

I turned around to face Jungkook, who wrapped his arms around my waist and leaned in to press his lips against mine. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and pulled him closer.

After a few moments, I felt myself being lifted off the floor. My butt touched the cool marble of the island, making me gasp from the sudden cool feeling.

The bathrobe that Jungkook wore was unnecessary, so I tugged at the tie that held the bathrobe together until it fell down to the floor with my clothes.

My hands immediately felt their way around Jungkook’s muscular bare body underneath the bathrobe.

After my hands were satisfied with the hard body that was under the soft fabric, I finally pulled the bathrobe off of him.

Our lips parted, but he left a trail of kisses down my neck before I felt his strong arms hold me tightly to his body.

My legs immediately wrapped themselves around Jungkook’s waist, bringing his hips closer to mine. His hands then travelled down and grabbed my ass that was still on the cool marble surface.

He then lifted me off of the counter and my legs tightened around Jungkook’s hips as he carried me out of the closet and into the bathroom.

Jungkook walked up to the counter and set me down right next to the sink. He then walked over to the door and closed it. I didn’t think it was necessary, but I suppose it was just a habit.

I always closed my bathroom door even if I knew Yoongi wasn’t in the apartment. Jungkook turned and walked back over to me, leaning over the counter and stealing another kiss from me.

“What will it be, Miss?” he whispered, keeping his face close to mine. “Bath, or shower?”

A bath sounded really nice right now, but it would take some time for the bathtub to fill. Maybe if I came back again, I would take up his offer on a bath.

I didn’t have such a nice bathtub in my apartment. “Shower.” I whispered. “I’m a little impatient tonight.”

Jungkook raised an eyebrow before giving me another quick kiss. “Shower it is.” He said before he grabbed my hips and pulled them toward him and off the counter.

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