Assistant Lover: Chapter 10 - The Boss' Lair (Some Mature Content) Part 2
Assistant Lover: Chapter 10 - The Boss' Lair (Some Mature Content) Part 2 fanfiction stories
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Warning: Some Mature content is in this chapter

Assistant Lover: Chapter 10 - The Boss' Lair (Some Mature Content) Part 2

My feet hit the floor, and a second later Jungkook took my hand and lead me over to the shower.

I watched him as he opened the shower door and reached over to the handle on the wall to turn the water on.

It took a few seconds for the water to warm up, but once Jungkook deemed the water to be warm enough, he walked in, pulling me in with him.

I closed the shower door behind me and the next second Jungkook’s arms pulled me toward him, pressing his body against mine.

The warm water hit my back, soaking my long hair that almost reached the middle of my back. Jungkook’s face was close to mine and he looked at me while half-closed eyes.

I leaned my head back, letting the water soak my hair. As I did so, I felt Jungkook’s lips on the front of my neck. He left a trail of kisses down my neck and to my chest.

I let my hands run through my hair, rinsing out the sweat from the day.

“I hope you have some shampoo that won’t make my hair look like a mop.” I said​ as I brought my head forward again. Jungkook’s lips left my chest and he reached toward something behind me.

He held the bottle of shampoo up for me to see. I was glad to see that it wasn’t one of those two-in-one bottles. Those always made my hair look like a horse’s tail that wasn’t groomed.

I took the bottle from Jungkook’s hands and opened it. As I poured some on my hands, I felt myself being moved my Jungkook’s strong arms. Jungkook’s back was now to the showerhead.

He tilted his head back and got his hair wet. After he rinsed out his hair, I handed him the shampoo.

As he poured a small amount into his hand, I began working the huge blob of shampoo into my long hair.

Our bodies stayed close the entire time, brushing up against one another as we took turns washing out the shampoo. We did the same with the conditioner, and the next step was the body wash.

Jungkook grabbed the bar of soap from the shelf and gave me a little smirk before his hands were on my chest.

One hand moved the soap over my skin while the other hand spread the soap over my body. He soaped up my arms, and then back over to my chest.

His hands massaged the soap into my breasts before moving down over my stomach and to my hips.

Jungkook then kneeled down​ and pushed my legs apart a little before rubbing the soap into each of my legs. He avoided my sensitive area until he was finished with my legs.

He stood back up, but his soapy hand ran over my crotch, rubbing the soap into my skin. His other hand that had the bar of soap in it reached behind and began soaping up my back.

He started up near my neck​ and made his way down to my butt. His hand that was teasing me came around to rub the soap into my butt.

Once he had covered every inch of my body in soap, he moved me to stand under the water to wash off the soap. He set the soap back on the shelf and washed the soap off of my back first.

I turned around, my back to Jungkook as I washed the soap off the front of my body. As I did, I felt Jungkook’s hands on my hips.

He pressed his bare body against my back, and I could feel his hardening manhood press against my butt. One of his hands moved down and over to my crotch.

His fingers found my entrance, and he rubbed it slowly. I let out a soft moan, my legs opening a little more in response. He liked having his hands down there, didn’t he?

My head tilted back as his fingers slipped inside of me for the third time tonight.

My head rested on Jungkook’s shoulder and my hands reached back to grab his hips that were pressed against mine. I let out a soft moan as his fingers moved inside me.

Jungkook’s lips were on my neck again, kissing my skin softly before his teeth nipped at the flesh. I gasped when he nipped at my skin and bit my lip.

My skin was pretty sensitive to begin with, so any small bite would leave a mark. The little bit of pain mixed with the pleasure of his fingers made me moan louder.

My voice bounced off the enclosed walls of the shower, making it sound louder.

A moment later, I felt Jungkook’s fingers slide out of me and his lips left my neck. I wavered, lifting my head off of his shoulder as I saw him hold the bar of soap in front of me. “Your turn.

” He whispered into my ear.

I sighed and took the soap from his hand. “You’re evil.” I said as I turned to face Jungkook.

He smirked and nodded once. “That, I am.” He said as I began to rub the soap onto him.

I went in the same order as Jungkook did on me. I made sure to take extra time on his hard chest and abs before kneeling down to lather up his strong legs.

His hardening manhood was inches from my face as my hands massaged the soap into the thick muscles of his legs.

Once I finished with his legs, I soaped up my free hand before wrapping it around Jungkook’s length. I heard a soft moan escape Jungkook’s lips as my hand moved over his length.

I even reached behind his length to rub the soap into his testes before my hand came back to his length.

I gave him a few more strokes, hearing him moan again and getting him worked up a little before I finally let go and stood up.

I gave him a smirk as I saw him give me a playful glare through half-closed eyes.

“Who’s the evil one, now?” he said before I stepped to the side and pushed him toward the water to rinse off the front of his body while I soaped up his back.

I did the same as Jungkook, starting at his neck and working my way down to his butt.

He had a nice round butt, so I couldn’t help but give it a couple squeezes as I finished lathering him up with the soap.

I put the bar of soap back on the shelf and watched as Jungkook turned around to face me, letting the water wash the soap off of his back.

I looked up at him and smirked before my hand found its way back to Jungkook’s length. I saw him close his eyes for a moment and he bit his lip softly.

His hands grabbed my hips, but he didn’t pull me closer. I gave him a few good, long strokes as I watched his facial expressions. He let out a few moans and his face hardened with concentration.

He kept his eyes either closed, or lowered to gaze at my naked body.

After a few more strokes, he finally looked at me. “Ari.” He moaned. “If you want me to last, I suggest you stop and let’s move this to the bedroom.”

I smirked and stopped my hand movements. “Yes, Sir.” I said as I reached behind Jungkook and turned off the water.

As soon as the water turned off, I felt Jungkook’s body push me into the tile wall behind me. I gasped at the sudden movement.

My lips were then occupied by Jungkook’s lips and his hips began to grind into mine. I moaned into the kiss and wrapped my arms around his shoulders.

His hands grabbed my butt and he lifted me off the ground. My legs came up and wrapped around his hips. I had to hold onto him tightly, since the water made our skin slippery.

Once my legs were tightly wrapped around his hips, he finally stopped his hip movements and he pushed away from the wall, bringing me with him.

He opened the shower door and stepped out, keeping his hands on my butt to keep me from sliding down.

After kicking the door closed, he made his way to the bathroom door and opened it, walking into the bedroom.

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