Assistant Lover: Chapter 9 - Appetizing (Some Mature Content) Part 1
Assistant Lover: Chapter 9 - Appetizing (Some Mature Content) Part 1 oc stories

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Getting to know the boss

Assistant Lover: Chapter 9 - Appetizing (Some Mature Content) Part 1

A black SUV sat at the curb, and a man stood on the sidewalk next to the car. When the man saw us approaching, he quickly opened the back door of the car for us.

“You have your own driver?” I asked Jungkook as I climbed into the back seat.

Jungkook got into the car next to me. “Actually he’s Jin’s driver. I decided to keep him employed under me while Jin is gone.” He said​ as we both buckled up.

The driver got into the driver's​ seat and started the car. There was a tinted window between the back of the front seats, with a small sliding door in the middle.

Within a minute, we were driving down the busy city street. I felt Junkook’s arm wrap around my waist, and he pulled me closer to him. I looked over at him to see him smile at me.

“Is there a reason why you’re suddenly so friendly toward me?” I asked, but I made no effort to push him away. I was still trying to wrap my head around what just happened.

I just had sex with my boss in his office, the same office that many other people frequently visit.

Forget about the kiss that happened earlier this week, I’ll be thinking about what just happened every time I walk into the office.

“What makes you think I’m being friendly?” he asked, the smile still on his face. “I just ruined your underwear, remember?”

I shifted in the seat, suddenly aware of the fact that I wasn’t wearing anything under my short dress. “Oh, right. You better not ruin anything else tonight.

” I said, looking ahead through the tinted glass that separated us from the driver. The hand that was wrapped around my waist suddenly traveled​ down my waist and over my hips.

Jungkook’s hand then ran down my thigh, stopping at the bottom of my dress before slipping it underneath the fabric. I reached my hand out and grabbed Jungkook’s thigh in response.

Was he really going to do this here?

Jungkook’s hand traveled farther up my thigh until it reached my bare crotch. He paused as I squeezed his thigh.

After the moment’s pause, Jungkook’s fingers ran along my entrance, teasing me as he did in his office. I closed my eyes and bit my lip, trying to keep myself from becoming too excited.

We were going to eat soon, after all. I almost lost that control when the two fingers that were teasing my entrance finally pushed into me.

His fingers teased me for as long as the rest of the ride to the restaurant. It felt like a half hour, but it was only about ten minutes.

Jungkook’s lips ran along my shoulders and my neck as he teased me. I kept a firm grip on Jungkook’s thigh while my other hand gripped the leather seat that we sat in.

Just when I thought I would be pushed over the edge for the third time tonight, the car stopped and shut off. Jungkook’s fingers left me, and I finally remembered how to breathe properly.

In the seconds I had before the driver opened the door for us, I fixed my hair and tugged my dress back down to where it was before Jungkook’s hands ventured under.

Jungkook got out of the car first​ and then held his hand out for me as I stepped out of the car. I took his hand as my heels hit the pavement.

I had a small black and gold clutch bag in my other hand that kept my phone, wallet, a small bottle of perfume, and my lipstick.

I expected Jungkook’s hand to leave mine, but as we walked up to the restaurant his hand was lightly pressed against my lower back.

He guided me toward the door, which was​ opened for us by the employees and we walked in.

The restaurant was dimly lit, with dark warm colors and dark wood tables and chairs.

It didn’t look too Italian, but the Italian music playing softly over the speakers of the restaurant and the paintings gave it a more Italian vibe.

We were greeted by a host, and we were seated at our table within a minute.

The table for two sat in a corner of the restaurant, with Jungkook’s back facing the rest of the restaurant while I was able to see the entire room.

The moisture that had gathered between my legs during the ride here was threatening to soak my dress. I was glad that I was wearing a black dress.

“This looks so fancy.” I said, eyeing the fancy décor of the room. “I’ve never been in a fancy restaurant.”

“Your ex didn’t take you to a fancy restaurant?” Jungkook asked, picking up the menu that was in front of him.

The word ‘Ex’ made me cringe. I didn’t consider Jimin to be my ex, but I didn’t want to argue with Jungkook so I let it slide. “No.

We both preferred to order in and chill on the couch while watching movies.” I was about to reach for my menu when it was suddenly snatched from me.

I looked up at Jungkook who had taken the menu.

“I’m not letting you see the prices on the menu.” He said with a smile. “You seem like the kind of person to order the cheapest thing on here.”

I shrugged. ‘Well, considering you already destroyed my relationship with my boyfriend, a pair of my underwear, and my ‘don’t date your co-worker’ rule, I don’t plan on going easy on you.”

Jungkook raised an eyebrow, amused by my response. “You sure?” He held up the menu in front of me, and I looked at some of the dinner options and I could feel the color drain from my face.

I sat back and shook my head. “Nevermind, Mr. expensive taste. Surprise me.” I said as I watched Jungkook flip the menu back over.

A minute later, a waiter came up to our table and explained the menu and offered a selection of drinks. Jungkook ordered a bottle of wine, and our meals before we were left alone again.

“Where did you live before you came last week?” I asked.

“I was in California studying business in college before Jin called me two weeks ago.” Jungkook said, folding his hands over the table in front of him. “I put that on hold for now.

Jin seemed desperate, so I offered to help him. To be honest, I was afraid of taking over such a large company, but Jin reassured me.

He told me that I would have the best personal assistant in the world.” He said, smiling at the last bit of his sentence.

I smiled, wondering what Jin was doing right now. “Sorry to disappoint you, then.” I said right before the waiter came to our table with the bottle of wine.

He opened the bottle of wine in front of us and poured each of us a glass before setting the wine bottle down in front of us and walking away again.

“You don’t disappoint me.” Jungkook said, picking up his glass of wine and holding it up over the table. “Yet.” He winked at me.

I picked up my glass and touched it to his. “I’ll make sure I never do, then.” I said before I raised the wine glasses to my lips and took a sip. “At least until Jin comes back.”

“If he comes back.” Jungkook said, setting his wine glass down on the table. “If he likes it over there in Europe, he may not want to come back. Especially if they offer him a decent job.”

I frowned at the thought of never having Jin as my boss again. I was getting used to Jungkook by now.

During the day, he was his usual cold-hearted self but after hours he was less of an asshole and more nicer​. He was still an asshole, but it was something I could live with for now.

“So I might be stuck with you as my boss for more than just a few months?” I asked before I took another sip of my wine.

I set it down on the table and looked down at Jungkook’s hands that were still folded on the table. I noticed a small silver ring on his index finger that wasn’t there before.

“Am I that bad?” he asked, and I noticed his eyes travel down to my chest.

I had on a necklace that Jimin had given me for my birthday a couple months ago. I was wearing a matching pair of earrings, as well.

“You could be worse, but you need to work on not being such an asshole during work hours.” I said.

Jungkook smirked. “I can’t be nice all the time, you know. It’s not in my nature.”

“Your nature? Is it your nature to fuck your personal assistant, then?” I asked, but I was careful to keep my voice down despite the attitude I was giving Jungkook.

The smirk left Jungkook’s face, and he suddenly looked serious. “I had no intention of fucking anyone in the company. I’m not here to mess around.

If you’re OK with us having this kind of relationship, then we can keep it going as our little secret. Just make sure that no one finds out, not even your roommate.”

I thought about it for a moment. There were times when I wanted to strangle Jungkook, but I felt weak around him when no one else could see his vulnerability.

“I suppose we could continue.” I said, shifting in my seat. “It’s a little late to back out now, I guess.”

A moment later, the waiter came back with a plate of bruschetta for us. He set it down on​ the table and walked away once again.

We began to eat, and I realized how hungry I really was when the two of us cleared the plate within a couple minutes. I didn’t bother trying to eat nicely. I was hungry.

The waiter came back and took the emptied plate away from us.

I took another sip of my wine, and I watched as Jungkook did the same. “Do you have any plans for the weekend?” Jungkook asked, setting his wine glass back down on the table.

I thought for a moment. Jimin was busy this weekend, and the few friends that I had here were going to a few different conventions. I wasn’t big on conventions, so I decided to be antisocial.

“Well, I was going to go shopping for more underwear and clothes this weekend.” I said. “But no, I don’t have any solid plans. Why?”

I could see a smirk playing on the corner of Jungkook’s lips. “Would you like to spend the night at my place?” he asked.

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