Eyes as Green as a Fresh Pickled Toad
Eyes as Green as a Fresh Pickled Toad dontgiveup stories

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An inspirational letter to Mrs. Ginny Weasley, who in her second year was nothing but a girl with a crush and a nasty Horcrux possessing her. By the time she became a seventh year, she was a survivor of the Second Wizarding War, a war hero, and Harry Potter's girlfriend and future wife.
So don't give up, Ginny. Things just might work out for you. In the meantime, you should probably work to get Tom Riddle out of your head, he's not a very good influence for you.

Eyes as Green as a Fresh Pickled Toad

Sometimes people wish for things that don't actually exist.

Or, they think they're chasing after something hopeless, but that something does have some merit.

Some people are set for great things, but just don't know it yet.

Maybe one day... something will happen.

It may be something small, like living past seventeen, or something big, like graduation or marriage.

Whatever that something might be, it's best to go for it.

If it doesn't exist, you've got nothing to lose; it wasn't like you didn't learn something anyway.

If it works out, then great. You've got yourself a winner.

It's important to remember that it always comes down to one or two things: time and luck.

You might be lucky, you might not be lucky.

Time might work for you, it might not.

It's not really up to you whether it works out or not; the only thing that's up to you is whether or not you choose to try.

Be patient and wait. If you squint hard enough, you might see something in that musky crystal ball.

In the meantime, try getting Tom Riddle out of your head, he's starting to become a bad influence.

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