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hiver_frost_elf snark with a heart
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Today's worries include: my cat breathing, wondering where my headphones are, and sleeping in too late.

Today's Worries

1) Tiger's breathing wrong.

Two of my cats died of young. One of them, Twix, from a tumor in his lungs.

Lately, Tiger's breathing seems wavy just like Twix's had been.

However, he hasn't been isolating himself or eating any less.

He devours treats, and then he eats his siblings' leftovers.


Tumors aren't contagious.

Cancer can spread throughout the body,

but it doesn't spread from body to body.

I'm not a veterinarian, but I'd bet that the probability of two cats from the same household getting cancer is low at best.

2) I slept in too late to do anything before work.

I didn't.

I'm doing stuff right now.

3) The size I ordered won't fit.

It hasn't arrived yet,

so best leave that worry alone for now.

4) My headphones are gone.

I remember having them in the car when I left work last night.

I'll check there when I can.

Dad's got the car right now, so best put that worry away for now too.

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