When Will it All Stop?
When Will it All Stop? rape stories
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Rape is NOT fun, NOT acceptable in any culture or ethnic group, AND NEEDS to be stopped! ( Raise awareness ) (Help me reach 30 likes and 5 comments for this page thanks guys <3)

When Will it All Stop?

by hishamfarhatt

Its sad how some men or even women think thats its fun to have sex with whoever they want when ever they want to.

Or that they have the choice of forcing a spacific person and choosing who they want to sleep with.

I wanted to do it, but she couldn't say no.

Every single culture or ethnic group has monsters and rapists, hardly any of them show any pity or regret after they've sealed a door shut to the victim.

For them it would count as a one night stand or just anything like that.

Are the fault of the RAPIST

But sadly for the victim, they would loose they probably will virginity unless they've lost it before, they would get into severe depression, kick everyone out of their life....

Don't tell us how to dress, tell them not to rape!

and hardly except to love anyone; the worst part would be getting over the fact that this tragedy just occurred in their life, and they'd have to rebuild everything from their broken heart...

Help break the silence

friendships and more all by themselves if they don't let someone into their lives to help them through it.

Raise your voice against rape!!!

They'd loose hope and trust in anyone just because of that pathetic being that has stolen every drop of happiness in that person.

Just explain why do you have to do that to these innocent people?!

And always remember that you would never be able to know how they feel unless you were also a victim.

Not if she was disabled, not if the victim was a male >>> ( continuing down )

Rape is NOT fun, NOT acceptable in any culture or ethnic group, AND NEEDS to be stopped!

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