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4 friends find out that they posses abilities of creatures and that supernatural creatures are attacking their town, they are now forced to protect their town and save everyone around them!

Supernatural pg5

by hishamfarhatt

The journey begins

the four friends are starting to figure out their powers, hopefully they'd be able to control them or they'd be sent into their graves.

Sams perspective

Sitting in the class room i couldn't recognize or focus on anything, we had a group work project and i was with random people i wasn't that close to, well the problem is that....

All the voices were hitting my head like a truck, i couldn't focus and i was going insane, i couldn't notice that i was stabbing scissors into the table multiple times causing.

the wood to crack it was unbelievable, i wanted to bang my head onto the wall so hard that the voices left but nothing was happening, well after stabbing continuously a craving of " pelh em "

was craved into the woods, i just ran out of class and went to my friends, good thing is that it was at the end of the day,

they examined the carvings and figured out that what was written is " help me ", help me was written multiple times to the point that the wood particles that got out were saying help me too.

It scared us cause we didn't know what we needed help with, well I didn't tell them about the voices so i don't scare them, and it felt like they were hiding secrets too.. hopefully we dont end

up in a grave,

it felt like i was not only able to hear noises that i didn't understand, i was hearing and seeing through peoples heads,

after the long horrific day, i walked back home, but not only a few but a swarm of crows fly towards me and then settle down around my feet as if they were dogs waiting for their owner.

crows usually fear humans but they were so in love with me it was creepy, they followed me home too and built their houses around me own house.

well good thing i have flying strong birds, am i right? no? umm..

the strangest two things that happened were whenever i have mood swings everything changes too, and well what i meant by everything is....



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