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4 friends find out that they posses abilities of creatures and that supernatural creatures are attacking their town, they are now forced to protect their town and save everyone around them!

Supernatural pg2

by hishamfarhatt

Mark was burning, literally burning. Many people tried setting him on fire to now if hes immune, a demon, possessed. It was unbelievable. How could he be immune to fire?!

Was he always immune to it? will he forever be immune to it? Sometimes he even controlled it, breathed it, ate it

We all kept on researching too because he was always getting controlled by his own powers what was he?! Not a demon, werewolf or a vampire Until Lux had a dream and it all involved Hellhounds

his eyes would turn red, yellow or orange if he gets close to fire Sometimes blue too! He was the protector of the supernatural And had to keep eye on banshees ....

Since they were basically the master minds, we were stuck as those creatures for ever. Not that we cared it was cool and exciting to have a new vision of our surroundings but, the fact that we..

were able to hear and see everything around us wasn't very amusing, anyways i'll start with the first time Mark found out that he was a hell hound.... it wasn't that great......

actually close to terrible.... He was passing by a bank until he got trapped in an explosion and he burnt alive, but didn't have a burn scar or anything at all

Well it was one of the worst days of his life, anyways hope you enjoyed page 2 Next its gonna be the story of Lux, and who knows this maybe 2 , 1 or all of them will end up being more than 1

creature.......... Follow me on all my social medias ( Hishamfarhatt or H.f._episode ) see you next time ( Youtube is : HASHEMITE ) BYEEEE!!!! ( Thanks for featuring me on the first best human

trending topic) and thanks to my friend Angela Tsng for telling me about this awesome app anyways bee guys hope you enjoyed

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