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4 friends find out that they posses abilities of creatures and that supernatural creatures are attacking their town, they are now forced to protect their town and save everyone around them! (Help me reach 30 likes and 5 comments for this page thanks guys <3)


by hishamfarhatt

Perspective of a Harpy

Well I found out about my powers in the worst way possible because a harpy has a master controlling it and that well happened to me

I was stuck with a disgusting man that wanted to and forced me to murder many innocent people for his own pleasure I couldn't say anything about it and it broke me

until that man got what was coming for him he got injured which meant that his control over me decreased, so I chanted the kiss of death and I was finally free

Back to the storm topic

I was slowly figuring out how to turn into a harpy and get stronger with Cecilia since she was a siren; we learnt how to transform into birds together although we were nothing alike.

fighting was the best part, this is kind of like my secret that I never told anyone

every night I would go alone and murder or send gang leaders or pathetic monsters to jail or to rot in hell where they belonged

I did that cause they never deserved doing anything to the innocent, fragile people they've captured

and once during the day of the storm, there was a girl walking down a street surrounded by a blizzard, and whats even worse is when a group of men passed by in a car and offered her a ride.

I for sure followed them to fight for that girl in case they have decided to torture her or try doing something to her, it felt like my duty to protect those victims from everything terrible>

that could happen to them

good thing I followed them because you wouldn't believe what they did to that poor girl, they hung her up and started stripping her own of her clothes>

that's when I struck the window and shattered it with my claws and teleport onto all of them slashing their neck open with my claws and saving that girl.

when I left flying in the pouring rain and snow, lighting hit a tree near me and I got stuck under that tree with a broken wing, it was the worst day of my life;

God knows for how long I was stuck there.

Since a banshee is capable of telepathically connecting your mind to it and others, I sent a a telepathic message to my friends to come and get me surprisingly Mark was close by and he helped me

he told me about the storm and that's when I vowed to help stop Sam from destroying the city and save a number of innocent citizens around.

I would never allow someone innocent to get hurt.



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