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4 friends find out that they posses abilities of creatures and that supernatural creatures are attacking their town, they are now forced to protect their town and save everyone around them! (Help me reach 30 likes and 5 comments for this page thanks guys <3)


by hishamfarhatt

The perspective of the hellhound

Mark always liked to cook and go on adventures. When he went on adventures he always used to camp in forests and burn up some food to start a small camp fire.

but once before the massive storm hit us, i was camping and all of a sudden i felt colder, so I sat next to the fire and hoped the wood ashes would burn longer, go brighter, and produce more heat

Until i suddenly was facing a huge fire that was surrounding me, it later started burning everything around me and burning me

I was surprised that it didnt hurt me, but i was still freaking out

to calm myself down i took a deep breath and when i opened my eyes all the fire was coming towards me and i was eating the fire. A few seconds later the forest was not burning anymore.

i stood there petrified, i didn't know what to do, I was just standing with smoke surrounding me.

And then the storm hit, well the person that caused it was Sam but i didn't know it at that time.

But i did know that my duty was to help Sam stop the storm that he has enchanted without knowing, he made it a lot stronger than it was supposed to be

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