Supernatural pg 3
Supernatural pg 3  homesick stories

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4 friends find out that they posses abilities of creatures and that supernatural creatures are attacking their town, they are now forced to protect their town and save everyone around them!

Supernatural pg 3

by hishamfarhatt

Lux was always a normal person, she even hardly believed in the supernatural, but surely was obsessed in the tv shows about them

One day she was walking on a bridge on her way back home, then she was attacked by a group of people and pushed off the bridge....

then she started transforming into a bird like structure, not fully a bird and not fully out of the human form. she had a hollow-skeleton but a head and face of a human and attacked the gang....

she was flying while attacking them with really sharp long talons, they were dripping a purple poison/acidic like liquid the moment it touched the people they turned into paralyzed useless beings

everything she encountered on that day was tortured but not killed, she was the bird of doom, but a bad thing happened too

she was kidnapped and enslaved by a group of hunters that controlled her to their benefits, they forced her to kill everyone or thing they wanted to die even though its intention was torturing...

and not killing, she was always feeling homesick and depressed, she was lonely too, she missed being a free harpy and living a normal life of a human, mostly seeing her friends

later on she managed to kill the hunters and get back her freedom she was missing for around 2 weeks only which makes her a really strong existing creature.

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