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The unpredictable and unanswered questions that many people wonder about.

I have questions!

by hishamfarhatt

Why do we exist on earth as the smartest creatures?

Why aren't we as smart as an animal is?

Why do we not take advantage of out brilliance to turn this world into a better place?

Why can brilliance be cruel and destructive?

Why am i asking way too many questions that can be answered in my different ways?

Well who would ever know?

How can we stop acting so brilliant and egotistical and bring the world to peace once and for all?

When is the human race planning on using their brilliance to equally divide everything between people so that everyone could live happily?

Yet, again those are questions that can hardly be answered!

Will you or someone out their have the ability of concurring their brilliance and channeling it to create good deeds that could save us all?

Who know?

The end!


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