The lake of dreams
The lake of dreams fear stories

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A little story.

The lake of dreams

Right to your house there is a lake full of dreams. I watch you go and count your steps as you reach the forest. Chest too heavy to breathe the air around me...

I run, I follow you to the dark forest to hold your hand and guide you through the darkness.

Too many steps you've made into the place of woe, too many to count, too many to follow. But to abandon the loved one is not an option.

Deeper I delve into the once sacred place to find you, to save you. Unspoken danger awaits me but I fear not because clear is my goal and straight is my mind.

Rushing through the forest I finally find you sitting on a rock. Same is your appearance to my naked eye, nevertheless odd is the feeling in my gut as I approach you.

Weaker my steps grow, heavier the breath gets and as I stand right before you I fall on my knees and break into heartcrushing soulbreaking veil.

Into the scream of a true love a call for a loved one that is gone. Not a single spark of life is in you anymore not a bit of hope left. The forest took it all.

I picked up your body and went back through the forest. As I walked with you in my hands my mind grew ill and my demons were getting out. As we reached the exit I saw the lake of dreams.

I let your body down into the lake and I follow.

Farewell I bid you and finally Hello again, my love.

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