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I always believed in keeping promises,
I realised I could even fight death for that.

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I was rushing on the busy streets. It was a big challenge to make your way out in that crowd but I somehow did.

There was a different essence in air,essence of love.

Essence of Valentine's day. That man there is buying a ring,it's going to be the best day for his love.

And that father is buying her little princess chocolates. That kiss he got from her must be a heavenly feeling for him.

My smile just widened on seeing the beautiful event.

' Mom didn't call yet,it's weird.' I murmured.

There is going to be my favourite dinner tonight since it's Judy's birthday. Oh that three layered chocolate cake would be so irresistible.

My mouth watered and steps fastened.

And there my destination came. My love waiting for me.

I slowly sat on the chair opposite to him. He looked at me and dropped his eyes. I understood that gesture.

" Hey I'm sorry I got late. I didn't mean to...

No response from him.

My eyes caught the special little box he was holding with the even more special thing inside it.

My eyes filled up, heartbeat rose up. He hadn't even said anything yet. What would I do when he.....

He finally looked up,his bright eyes stole my breath as usual.

How much I craved to hug him then.

His eyes filled and a tear rolled down. I was shocked. He never cried before me in three years. Once I said to him jokingly that he would cry when I would leave him forever.

He got so mad at me then

I smiled gently. Well my words pretty much came true,I predict well.

Yesterday only I had promised to give my evening to him. And then that truck hit my car against the tree.

After that all I could remember was me stuck in the disfigured car. I was losing my mind,my breath and ultimately my everything.

Then I smiled thinking about mom,dad,Judy and him.

And blackness swept in.

Then we were here today,

With me seeing him,he couldn't

Me feeling him,he couldn't

Me being with him,he couldn't.

He wiped his eyes and said," wish you were here."

I wished I could tell him that I was.

Now it's time to leave

Since I fulfilled my promise.

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