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Greek Mythology

Let's start with the basics, the Olympians.(I will put more than 12 because the Greeks can't decide who in the 12).

For the beginning let's do The Big Three Zeus: God of thunder and lightning, is king of the gods. Poseidon: God of the sea, has an underwater kingdom. Hades: God of death, has an underground kingdom and controls the Underworld.

Now to do the others. Hera: Goddess of marriage, queen of the gods. Apollo: God of music, medicine and prophecies, is an expert archer. Also is brother to Artemis Artemis: Goddess of the hunt, is an expert archer and older sister to Apollo.

Athena: Goddess of wisdom, sprung out of Zeus's forehead. Ares: God of war, first child of Zeus and Hera. Demeter: Goddess of seasons, has a daughter with Zeus. Aphrodite: Goddess of love, is a wife to Hephaestus but loves Ares.

Dionysus: God of wine and grapes, can make anybody drunk. Hermes: God of trade, luck, thieves and travel, is very mischievous. Hephaestus: God of fire, volcanoes and crafting, was thrown off Mount Olympus.

Hestia: Goddess of hearth and home, is the flame tender of Olympus.

Thanks for reading!! I hope you enjoyed! Stay safe!

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