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For those who want to give up... Don't give in. Everything will get better and there will ALWAYS be someone there to pick you up. I promise you're not alone.

Understand Me

By hideandseek

November skies are dreary.

Lives are like rainy days.

Broken hearts constantly torn,

Deciding whether to leave or stay.

I see people all the time,

Standing on a cliff, ready to drop.

But it's only in their heads,

And they just want things to stop.

I offer words of encouragement,

But they're ready to fall.

They step forward, I hold them back,

Trying to get them to stall.

They ask why I care. They ask why I help.

They cry out, "Why me?"

I say, "Stop doing this to yourself."

They're high on cloud nine,

Dancing without care or with style.

Looking for smiles in a refilled bottle,

When in reality,

They're lying on the bathroom tile.

They see honesty in my eyes, Relief fills their own.

They fall back and I catch them,

From the pain that almost took them down...

To those out there battling depression...

Please try to stop. I know it's hard, I've seen so many close people in my life go through this, but they were never alone. I never left their sides. There will ALWAYS be someone there for you.

To those who know someone fighting this dark battle...

Fight with them. Keep them standing tall. Let them know that you are there because they really are never alone. Pray for them, build them up. These are beautiful people. Help them find the light.

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