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Love can be deceitful. Be careful of what you fall for.

Love Doctor

By hideandseek

I look around

At the needy and selfish people That surround me every day, Finding it a wonder Why I haven't become that way.

I don't spend every waking hour

Flinging myself at victims. Pining for their loving touch While knowing she'll just hurt them.

So often it's portrayed

The other way around. But I know that she might give up first, As so many've unfortunately found.

The tall stilettos, the bright red lips,

It's clearly just for show. Because behind that fake blonde hair She's surely in the know...

A shy smile and wave is key,

But beware that wicked wink. I warn you now, just turn around. She might not be what you think.

Now girls, don't look for those

Who flatter their way through life. They're simply looking for distractions, Not seeking out a wife.

Accept the flowers graciously,

But please don't become greedy. I promise you, it's not attractive, And boys don't fall for needy.

Look for those who are cautious.

This goes for all those hopeless lovers. I suggest you leave alone The clingy and those who hover.

Find a person much like you,

To fill each and every day. I promise that they'll be the ones Who try their hardest to stay.

Now, I've fallen for many men for sure,

But for now I sit and wait. Patience is what's on my hook. Short dresses aren't my bait.

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