Little Red
Little Red little-red-riding-hood stories

hideandseekWriter, poet, singer, artist, runner...
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A simple telling of a classic tale.

Little Red

By hideandseek

Red cape, black dress. Skipping along,

Her and happiness.

Big wolf, bright eyes. Always scheming,

Never satisfied.

Log cabin, kind grandmother. A little ill,

Waiting for her granddaughter.

A little lost, she held her flowers.

Came face to face with wolf, But she wasn't a coward.

He laughs and races ahead, She'd fallen for his trick.

"Come in!" Calls Grandma from bed.

Beautiful eyes, sparkly teeth! The girl was oblivious.

The Wolf wanted to eat.

Tough woodsman, large ax. Heard a commotion

From the cabin he passed.

Grandma's safe, Cape's not torn. The man's a hero.

The Wolf was never born.

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