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A bit about me :)

A Little Bit Of Me In A Whole Lot Of Everything

By HideAndSeek

Hi ya'll, I'm Heidi!

I'd love to tell you all about me, so please keep scrolling!

What makes me, me?

My greatest passions are writing, singing, and drawing (in that order). I am a very creative person and I have an endless imagination...

I write both Poetry & Books.

If anyone would like to read all of them, I'm on the app/website Wattpad. You can find me @Hide_And_Seek17. Feel free to read, vote, and follow!! Wattpad is the whole reason I found Commaful!!!

My dream is...

I would love to have one of my books published . Then I'd like to own a bookstore/cafe in a nice town. It would be so cool if they became a chain of stores in different places, I'd love that!

My favorite quote is...

People who enter and leave our lives can be one of two things: A blessing or a lesson. Don't let the past keep you down, but look at it as a lesson. Use it for future moments, but move on...

What are my hobbies?

I run track and cross country, cheer, write, sing, draw, create fun little crafts, and read tons of books! I'm a hardcore Pinterester & I love watching chickflicks & future/adventure movies too!

My favorite books are...

•Night Road •Harry Potter •The Syrena Legacy •Before I Fall •The Remnant Chronicles •Boys Like You •Winterkill •Kissed By Death •Little White Lies •The Future Of Us •Better Off Friends

If you guys have any questions or ideas I can add to this...

Feel free to comment below!! I'd love to hear from you all! Any questions I will answer in here and anything you think I should add to this "bio" just mention it and I'll add it as soon as I can!

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