A Meeting
A Meeting historical fiction stories

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A chance meeting leads to one man question everything he's worked for.

A Meeting

Revolution can often come in many forms. Peaceful, subtle, loud, on the backs of angry men whose blood begins to boil after getting whipped and abused for far to long.

For others it a personal revolution that one must over comes to achieve who they are. We all may go through them at one point.

1776, America started its revolution for the sake of becoming a free country and it own entity.

Washington is fighting in the field defending the rights of men across the 13 colonies that cry out for the need and the rights of free men.

Congress argues day and night about what it means to be a country and how to fight with out actually stepping foot on the battleground.

Meanwhile, in a small room in a drafty inn its hosts its own kind of revolution. One that is between a man and the overcoming anxiety that has fallen upon him.

In his hand as he paced back and forth on the creaky floorboards, was a letter. He kept glancing down at it, reading the letter for what seemed to be the hundredth time that night.

Dear Charles Bellamy,

Your attendance has been requested our Welcoming Ball this coming Sunday. It is a tradition for all Kings College Law students to attend along with a guest of their choice.

Your presence is much welcomed and expected.

Alexander Johnson

Kings College

There were many factors that resulted in Charles hesitating in going.

First off he was an outsider. It wasn’t hard to see. He had a much darker complexion then that of his fellow students. He had an awkward accent brought attention to himself.

Though of course it’s not that he couldn’t manage his way through a conversation here with the Americans. It’s a matter of the way they talked to him. As well as the way they looked at him.

The upper class Americans saw themselves on a whole another level then what he expected when coming here. Its not like he wasn’t from money as well. It was just, different money.

The last issue of course was the biggest issue. It kept him from socializing much if at all. Nobody could find out what he was hiding. He stared at the cracked mirror and sighed.

His white under shirt seemed to be able to fit two of him. He ran his hands over the front of his body in a way to try and smooth whatever wrinkles where present.

Charles also knew that if he didn’t go to this event questions would spiral out of control. These Americans gossip just as much as lords and ladies back at his home in Spain.

The fear of gossip is what made him grab the navy frock coat hanging up on the chair facing a desk and the hat that he had from his father.

The college was a short walk from the Black Pony Inn he was staying in.

As Charles walked up to the school he could see the familiar students he would see in his classes. Charles entered the elaborate halls of his school.

The servers walked around, wines and other various liquors on silver platters. One waiter walked right past Charles, serving deep red wine.

Charles managed to grab one before the servant disappeared into the crowd of college students and professors. It took him no time to empty the glass.

The nerves of being surrounded by so many people were getting to him faster then he expected.

“Never expected you to leave that stuffy inn room you’re staying in Charles” called a familiar voice that made Charles jump. He turned to see a taller man strutting his way.

The sight of him made Charles chest tighten. He worked hard to straighten his posture to make him see taller and less feeble then his frame suggested.

“Well I expected you at home studying after I proved you wrong several times the other day, Jacques” responded Charles, looking around, hoping to see a friendly face.

Till he remembered that he was really very alone here.

“Yes well, we can’t all be antisocial like you” scoffed Jacques, scanning the room.

“I am not! I’m here, am I not?” Charles spun his head around to have to look up to who he could safely say was his rival.

Charles would correct Jacques only to have it thrown back in his face by some other point by the other man. It was like a dance.

“Yes but you seem to be here with out company.”

“Well I don’t see you with any one either.” Snapped back Charles, grabbing at the walking champagne and quickly sipping from it.

“That is where you’re wrong. Seems to happen a lot with you, Spaniard” Jacques said with a smirk.

Charles couldnt contain the red flush in his face, both from the alcohol as well as embarrassment.

“Then where is this mystery guest? I would love to see her”

“Oh she’s off being a lady. Gossiping and flittering about with the others” Jacques pointed to the huddle of ladies who separated from the men who brought them.

All of them done up and in their best dressed. It brought Charles back to the many balls and galas that where held back at home.

He couldn’t for the life of him begin to guess which of these ladies would have come with a man such as Jacques. That is until he spotted one young lady excuse herself from the group.

Charles eyes grew, as she walked her way to the two of them. As she got closer, how beautiful this woman hit Charles.

Parts of her red hair fell out of her neat bun, becoming rose petals falling over her shoulders. Her porcelain skin scattered with constellations of freckles.

Her pale pink dress showed she walked with a jump in her step. Jacques extended his hand for her to return the gesture as he lead her to his side.

“This, Charles, would be my fiancée, Darcy O’Hara, soon to be De la Croix” Jacques said introducing the beautiful woman beside him. She smiled and held out her hand.

It took Charles a moment to realize that he was supposed to grab reach for it. As he did so he gave a shaky bow and placed a chaste kiss on the top of her hand.

“Charles Bellamy. Pleasure” he manages out, trying hard to be composed.

“Ah so you’re the Charles I hear Jacques go on and on about” She responded, her voice sounded like a song, it coated in a thick Irish accent.

His heart sank sensing that the things Jacques had said about him where less then flattering. Darcy smiled.

“I don’t see why you would have an issue with him, dear. He seems nothing but a kind gentleman” Darcy smiled giving a small smirk to her fiancée. Jacques rolled his eyes.

“Oh just you wait till he opens his mouth.”

“I would like to speak for myself, thank you” Charles said, straightening up. Darcy laughed along with him, it took his breath away.

“Are you here alone?” Questioned Darcy, her eyebrow raised in curiosity.

“That I am.” Charles, his arm behind his back, wanting to know where this was going.

“Do you dance?”

“Excuse me?” responded both Charles and Jacques. Darcy just turned to look at the man she had an arm wrapped around his elbow.

“Oh really dear, its but one dance. You and me have the rest of our lives to dance. Plus I would like to form my own opinion on Mr. Bellamy.

” She stepped aside from her love to grab Charles by the hand.

“Very well. I’ wont be to far off“ warned Jacques, giving Charles a glare that shot through his very being.

It gave Charles a chill as he was suddenly dragged off to where other couples danced, circling around each other.

“You never answered if you danced or not” piped in Darcy, curtsying to start the dance. Charles bowed in responce

“Not as often as I used to.” Confessed Charles, the two circling around each other.

“Well so far you’re doing just fine,” remarked Darcy, her smile soft.

“Thank you madam.” Charles blushed again, his chest feeling tight. He smiled through it though to hide his discomfort.

“And what are you doing in America? Jacques says you’re from Spain. Was there not suitable schooling there?” She asked. Charles hesitated to answer. Darcy clearly took notice of this.

“I mean no offen-“ Started Darcy, worry in her voice.

“None taken. There was just nothing for me there anymore. I wanted to be something. And I couldn’t be that there.” Explained Charles, face red.

Darcy looked on at him with an understanding smile.

“I hope you become that something here then. You seem to be on the right path.” And then with that the band finished the song . The crowd of people gave a resounding applause as it finished.

Darcy turned to Charles.

“Well, Mr. Bellamy, I do hope to see you again. As well that you give my fiancée the same hospitality you gave me.” She asked, spotting him in the crowd.

Jacques icy clue eyes again pierced through him and he could really feel his lungs loose what air was left. He gave Darcy a swift parting bow.

“Consider it done. It would be impolite to deny such a request from some one as charming as you.” He said. He was trying hard to fight how congested he felt.

Darcy nodded and waved farewell before rushing back to the man she loved not knowing she won the heart of another. It was clearly time for Charles to leave.

His chest was tight and he found himself struggling to breath. He found his way through the crowd, making it back to the inn in record time.

He threw off the frock coat off himself, trying to ease the discomfort he felt as soon as he entered the room

He again took a look at himself in the mirror. He continues to stare at himself as he unbuttoned the white shirt and let it fall to the ground.

He stared back at the person that was before him. It revealed his truth. What he hid underneath the clothes he wore every day to school and out and about the city.

What no one saw as they walked past him was the layers of cloth wrapped around his upper chest. He watched himself unravel the bindings from around his torso.

He felt the pressure leave as the layers became less and less.

Back in the mirror was his true self. This version of himself could breath easier and his chest wasn’t tight and he wasn’t short of breath.

Or rather who she actually was. Her breasts where the tell tale sign that she was living a lie. But for what she truly wanted. But tonight truly put who she was as a person to the test.

She had fallen for a woman.

An engaged woman.

“Camille. What have you done now?”

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