"The Flag"
"The Flag" loss of parent stories

hidden4now Life Isn’t a Dress Rehearsal...
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When the pain from loss is too much....

By: Hidden4Now

"The Flag"

by Hidden4Now

The flag will remain at half mast, never again reaching its full potential.

A sign of love and respect, that also reminds me we will never be whole again, just like the flag will never be high again.

The background is something out of a magazine. Picture perfect, if there is such a thing. The trees are more shades of green than I ever new existed.

They are alive and full, energized for their time in the sun. They wont stop growing, of course. They aren't feeling any pain.

The world continues, as I wonder how it can. My eyes wander and get lost in the beauty of the woods, as I fight to not appreciate the view before me.

I don't want anything to be beautiful anymore. The world, my world, has become dark, and cold, and lonely. I don't want anybody to help me. I don't want anybody at all.

I Just want to sit and stare, hoping to get lost in the silence of my surroundings.

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