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It is after the Second Wizarding War, the time between then and the 19 years later. What happens.

19 years

*Apparates outside the burrow and knocks on the door*

*hugs Harry until he can bearly breath* HARRY!!!! We were all worried sick about you, where have you been for the last MONTH?!

I'm sorry, I was helping clear up the wreckage and then I thought you wouldn't want to see me because of what happened! Where's Ginny, I need to talk to her?

*Bro hugs Harry* I wouldn't speak to Ginny right now if I was you! And anyway I don't want her speaking to you either! You broke her heart and she hasn't been out of her room since. Neither has George!

*tries not to tear up* I knew that you guy wouldn't want to see me. It was a mistake to come here. I should have just stayed where I was, away.

*grabs Harry before he can apparate* Harry, of course, we wanted to see you but I'm not sure that Ginny is quite ready to see you yet. Where were you staying anyway?

I was staying at Godric's hollow, cleaning up the place and just staying away from all of you because it was the right choice. Well at the time I thought it was the right choice.

*comes downstairs just as Harry has decided to stay* H-H-Harry? *runs back upstairs in tears*

*runs upstairs after Ginny and catches her door open just before she shuts it* Ginny I really need to talk to you, PLEASE

*sat on her bed crying* What do you want?!

*sits on the end of her bed, facing away from her, facing the door* Ginny, all I wanted to say was that I am sorry. I don't know what it was like there when I was away, but all I do know is that: breaking-up-with-you-was-the-worst-decision-I-ever-made.*he said in one breath* I miss you and all I want to do is make you happy and if leaving you is what makes you then I will.

*stops crying* Harry, I miss you too but please can I just have some time to figure it all out. That is what I want at the moment, time.


*Harry and Ginny* Coming,

*Ron and Hermione* Coming

*there is a know at the door*

Hey everyone, Luna's just coming. Are we alright to stay for dinner? HARRY?!

*smiles weakly*

*walks up behind Neville* Hello everyone, Harry.

*molly* Dinner everyone and yes Neville, you and Luna can stay for dinner.

The End Will Harry and Ginny get back together? Why are Luna and Neville here? Are they together? What will happen next?

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