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heyimjustwritin You can’t break what’s already broken
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A true story (about me)


I'm guessing that most of the daily prompt posts are going to be about things like taking advantage of the opportunities you're given.

This is not that. This post is about me. And how people took advantage of my kindness and ignorance of the world.

I used to be the sweetest girl you had ever met. I was kind polite and went out of my way to help others. Seeing other people hurting made me upset. I put others before me. I put all my effort into helping others and making them happy.

And while some people appreciated it, others took it for granted that I would do things for them. That I would always be nice to them. That I would always forgive them.

It used to be that I would always see the best in people. I was empathetic and tried my best to understand what they were feeling. Now I'm guarded.

People saw an innocent young girl who could only be nice. They took advantage of the fact that I did whatever I could to please them. They manipulated me. They controlled me. But I was doing what I was doing out of choice.

Looking back now I'm embarrassed at how ignorant I was. It took me years to realize those people who I did everything for and who I had considered friends had treated me like dirt. They had used me.

So now I'm guarded and wary. I give all my love and kindness and loyalty to those close enough to get past my walls. I know I could get hurt again but it's not easy to change something so deeply ingrained in you.

However, I no longer let people take advantage of my kindness. Though I still see the best in everyone, I also see the worst. It helps balance my perspective.

Above all, I'm okay now. That's what matters. Thank you for sticking with me till the end. I love you guys ❤️😘

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