To Emily
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HeroTheTurtlePretty words, sad stories.
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To Emily

by HeroTheTurtle

I have a headache My hands are still My heart is probably pounding at a rate just below average And I can feel the veins in my arms forcing blood through the train tracks

The blood running through them is itchy But my wrists are tired of being scratched

I called you today Again For the first time in months

Maybe we shouldn't have made those promises The ones where we speak happiness into each other's empty hearts

And maybe I should try and think a little harder About how our time together really went

But the headache won't let me do that So I'll sit here Replaying the same old memory of us dancing at my favorite park Instead of thinking about all the times you blew me off

And the plans you made just to leave me waiting

You stopped texting me back And I couldn't stray from picturing us

From picturing you In your own world Full of happy colors And everlasting sunrises

I hope you're walking along the ocean right now And I hope you went to the zoo like we planned And up those mountains And maybe you had that water gun fight I don't know...

Do I apologize? Or do I keep waiting to hear from you?

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