Listen, Darling
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HeroTheTurtlePretty words, sad stories.
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I think this got kinda creepy towards the end

Listen, Darling

by HeroTheTurtle

Tomorrow will come You will half-heartedly smile your way out of bed And though your feet may not want to follow your body into the shower, they will

You will wear that yellow flower patterned shirt you love You will feed yourself well You will go to school, or work, or wherever you need to be and you will be productive

Without him

He is not your oxygen Or your desire to keep on living He is not the happiness seeing your mother baking cookies at 6 P.M. on a Thursday night will bring

He is his own person Apart from you

Tomorrow The sun will rise alongside him He will dress, shower, and go be where he needs to He may stop at the field of daisies to remember your first date But he will slowly move on

You, darling Are not better than him Or anyone else We are each our own people and, though we make mistakes, we all deserve to love and be loved in some way or another

Tomorrow The sun will rise I will watch from my window wishing she was still asleep next to me I will sit up And I will drink some water I will shower, dress, and head off to school

And I will be fine Because in the end Fine is all we need I can't ask her to make me happy I won't

So if me being fine is what's finally going to bring her back to me, then I'm going to be fine every day of my life

Because tomorrow The sun will rise You will rise He will rise I will rise And she will come back to me She has to come back to me

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bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
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No it does not get creepy. Every element had to be here to make this the dramatic and uplifting piece that it was. The only thing I would change would be some of the long sentences that could be broken up for visual and metric continuity. Great poem!!!!!!