For Doritos
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herobreaker Supervillain and Wattpad writer
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What would you do to protect your Doritos?

For Doritos

by herobreaker

It was a moonless night when the man trapped me in his cabin.

Icy sweat. Trembling hands. I cowered in the closet.

He was coming.

Not for me, that I knew. He was coming for something else.

Something more important.

My Doritos.

I cradled the bag.

It was so beautiful, a red sheen that gleamed in the thin strip of light that shown from under the door. The embossed letters shimmered like silk. I stroked the fine plastic.

I wouldn't let go. I would never let go.

The man's footsteps rang out like a gunfire staccato. "No," I whispered, cradling the Doritos to steady my quivering breath. He would never take them from me.

I would protect my Doritos. "So help me," I assured it, "I will."

The closet door whipped open.

Coats tumbled down. They smothered in me in a blanket of gray and impenetrable dark. I couldn't see.

"Give me the Doritos!" he screamed. "Give them now!"

The hatchet slashed down in quick succession.

I rolled. Kicked. Gasped. A stroke glanced my ear.

I lunged forward, the Doritos tucked under my arm.

This was it. I had to win. For Doritos.

The man stumbled back, but he recovered quick.

Knife in his hand, I had no time to think, only to let my body guide me into action.

I swung my leg out and spun.

The knife slashed by my face and plunged into a mounted unicorn head. The man recoiled and hit the ground with a 'thump!'

I closed my eyes. I had won. I had won for Doritos.

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