The Problem With Making
The Problem With Making poetry stories
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hendrosmit Descriptions are more confusing than ...
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Never left unfinished

The Problem With Making

Why do we try to create? Struggling to get unstuck I wonder why we build and wait But maybe you don't give a [placeholder]

Mistakes and frustrations Don't shape our creations Until we look back and consider a bit Then it seems dull and utterly [placeholder]

I think that building and making Keeps us from falling and breaking It comes for our hatred and rancour Not to sound like a [placeholder]

But when we finish it loses that colour

The passion that made Many rose tinted glasses It simply fades And we fall on our [placeholder]

We struggle to finish We work and we cram But when its all done... Well who gives a [placeholder]

The lesson to learn is to love what you make You can have what no one can take Do it for you and add in some luck And if they don't like it, well who gives a [placeholder]

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