//Will I ever get a shelter?

//Will I ever get a shelter? poetry stories

hemalatha_g A 15-year-old aesthetic girl
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//Will I ever get a shelter? Have a look!

//Will I ever get a shelter?

A tramper I'm, roaming to find a shelter ,

Which can soothe my maladroit soul,

That became clumsy, because of all the loopholes.

I'm still as a stone, so that people mourn for me,

Thinking that I'm assassinated,

But I'm actually forlorn,

As I didn't get a shelter!

A shelter for my sinking heart,

A shelter for the drizzling tears,

A shelter for my forsaken soul!

Will I ever get a shelter?

I don't want scintillating scarves,

I don't want productive dwarfs,

I don't want palatial mansion!

But atleast a rusted sheet,

To drape my dreams!

I don't want slaves and fans,

But the tenderest soul, who can give me a chance,

To spring up again!

I just want hearts to accept me as I'm!

I just want this globe to break all the boundaries!

I just want a place to shelter my sensitive insights!

Will I ever get one?

P.S - Wrote it before a month. I'm extremely sorry, if this post is spreading negative vibes. This world has given me, not just rusted sheets, but something more that that.

Let your life be filled with colours!

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