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hellobella Sometimes I do words
Autoplay OFF   •   2 years ago
I want to rewrite my story

(little longer than usual)

My Story

Think I’m a little bit stuck in my head

After all these nights awake in bed

I feel too found so let’s get lost

Roamed every inch of my sob story

Let’s burn the pages to write something new

You’ll always be that chapter I’ll only read

Late at night under sheets so no one can see

You wrote some of my favorite lines

But I don’t miss the story at all

I’d rather find words with someone new

I think my character development

Is a little out of whack

Wherever I am, it’s not where I was going

I hate the thought of continuing

With this overused plot

Wish I could start over as someone else

I want to get lost

I want to write something new

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