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Young- generation- problems ( kind of monologue )


by mitchel

I'm so freaking tired.

Tired when I get up Tired when I'm at school Tired when I'm home again.

Tired all the time.

My thoughts are keeping me awake at night, and won't let me focus on the stuff I need to do through the day.

At the beginning, music helped a lot to stop my thoughts from spinning but now even this can't shut them down anymore.

It's frustrating

I just feel so empty and useless. It's like all the stress I have, all the worries about my future, my job is overwhelming me and I'm just not strong enough to handle this shit.

I would like to sleep, sleep sound. Without thousands of thoughts running through my mind screaming inside my head that I'm worthless, dumb, naive and not good enough.

But they don't stop.

They never will. As long as I'm not good enough, they will appear in my dreams, they will run through my mind, they will crawl through my thoughts and slowly poison every good one.

I'm drowning inside the endlessness of my feelings. My mind is my prison and my thoughts are the torture.

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