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How to not handle examstime


by mitchel

I'm sitting in the classroom staring nervously at the sheet of paper right in front of me.

"Okay now, focus! Keep cool you've studied so hard, too hard to fail now. " I try to calm myself down while the first fife minutes are passing by.

I'm reading the the lines over and over again but I just don't get it! "Shit! Okay okay..inhale exhale..take a deep breath now and try to remember the right answer"

I write some numbers hoping that my solution is right and switch to the next exercise. "You're doing great so far just keep on that way" I think to myself. Next one.

I'm unsure, don't know what was standing in the Skript about that theme. Is that right? Is it wrong? Shit I can't remember!


"Just concentrate you'll remember if you calm down. Just fucking calm down!"

It seems like the harder I try the further the answer moves. I could start crying I've studied so hard and went through a lot and now I'm about to fail..

The time's up nearly and I still have more than the half of the exam left..I fucked it up, I failed everything . There's to less time for making it..

I'm not good enough.

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