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Don't fight your feelings.


by mitchel

The bus stop

I was standing in the rain waiting for the bus, he was already late. My long brown hair started curling and I guess my make up wasn't on point anymore.

Finally I heard the loud motor humming, as he stopped right in front of me. The driver opened the door and smiled friendly "Come on girl get in, you got really drenched. "He laughed

and I stepped in, searching for my purse to pay the ticket. The driver laughed again and said to me:" put your purse away! I think your involuntary shower is payment enough haha"

I smirked, that kind of bus drivers are my favorites. With a smile on my face I thanked him and made my way through the small corridor, looking for a nice place to sit.

The last row was completely free and looked inviting. I put my earphones in and listened to my favorite band as the bus continued his route.

The next bus stop

The bus stopped again and opened his doors for 3 people, that were completely drenched like me.Firstly, an elderly woman came in and quietly showed the driver a piece of paper as she moved along.

Next, a little girl with a big bag pack stepped in and paid her ticket with a big smile, she picked a seat were already another girl was sitting. They started laughing and giggling immediately.

The last one was a very handsome guy with short brown hair, which had some waves, and luminous green eyes. He wore some black jeans and a white shirt with a black jacket on - he looked

absolutely amazing. He paid his ticket and put his purse back into his pocket and searched a seat. His eyes were wandering through the rows as he looked my way. The last few steps took him

only seconds and he finally sat a few seats away from me. His position was perfect for me to have a great look at him. Long lashes and perfect lips were the first things I noticed, pale skin

and some tiny scars on his neck were the next things. He stared at his phone - his fingers nearly flew across the display as he typed something, sometimes he bit his lower lip

and ran his fingers through his hair.I couldn't stop looking at him. If you had been asking me,how the perfect man looks like before I got into the bus my words wouldn't be able to do him justice

Suddenly he turned and I was still in trance, dreaming of this awesome green eyes as he said:"hey you! Take a picture, it lasts longer." Embarrassed I looked away and pretended

I heard nothing because of my earphones. Slightly I laughed about myself, how could I stare at that guy?! This was so embarrassing! Ashamed I grabbed my phone just pretending I did something.

Arrived the station

Still chuckling I stepped out of the bus and made my way through the city, still thinking of those green eyes. His lips looked so soft and inviting like they were made for kissing them.

At school

"Mel, hey come over here I've got some front row seats!" my best friend Lily shouted as she saw me walking into the classroom. She's such a swot, and knows nearly everything.

I took a seat beside her and put all my stuff I needed on the table, as Lily told me that the new physics teacher has his first lesson today. Curious about who will be teaching us for the future,

I put my phone on the table. May be I could find a picture of him or her at the homepage of our school I thought as we heard the door slamming. Immediately every color in my face faded and

my mouth won't close. The memories of the meeting at the bus came up,my starring, his silly comment, my embarrassment.I felt my cheeks blushing and I secretly hated Lily for choosing those seats.

He wrote his name on the board 'Mr. Kingsley'. "Good morning guys, I'll be your new physics teacher." He said and Lily whispered "he looks very young to be a teacher, don't you think?" She asked.

And really, he looked very young for a teacher or may be too good for a teacher. I just hoped he wouldn't notice me or wouldn't remember our first meeting today.

But my life hates me so his eyes stopped my way and he started smirking, that's when I knew he remembered.

After the first lesson

"Well done everyone, I hope I see all of you Thursday." He said and the others packed their bags, so did we "Mrs. Richmond, do you have a second?" He asked friendly and I simply nodded.

"I'll take your things, see you in bio." Lily said and we were alone. He came very close and stood right in front of me, not even 10 centimeters separated us and I could feel his breath.

I cleared my throat "Mr. Kingsley, is there a reason why I'm still here?" I tried to avoid the awkward silence. "Not particularly" he answered. Irritated I looked at him, tried to interpret

something out of his look, but I couldn't find any explainable thing, so I tried again "why are you that close?" I said while taking a step backwards. "Why not?" He asked and took a step towards

me. "Now I've got a question." He said and smirked again "A few hours ago you couldn't take your eyes of me and now you're so distanced..why?" He asked and I swallowed.

"Wouldn't you like to be that close to my lips?" He whispered into my ear and I breathed heavily but before I lost all the control over my body I pushed him away and ran out of the classroom.

The next few weeks

I tried to avoid meeting him and in physics class I always sat in the last row. I was confused..but kind of attracted to him. I met him at parties of friends, at clubs and bars.Nearly everywhere.

He always gave me that look I couldn't interpret. It was like the more we saw each other, the more attracted we got. I couldn't hide it anymore. I was completely fallen for him.

The day of days

We walked out of physics class as I realized I forgot my book, so I went inside again and said Lily she shouldn't wait for me. Mr. Kingsley was still there packing his bag.

Irritated he looked at me "Mel, shouldn't you be in chemistry right now?" He said and raised an eyebrow "yes I just forgot my book in here.." I answered. He came around his table

and grabbed for something behind him "do you mean this book?" He smirked "yes! Thank you for-" I said while I reached afterwards it but then he held it higher and higher till I definitely

couldn't reach it anymore. "What? Don't you want your book Mel?" He laughed and I rolled my eyes "would you please stop being childish and give me the book?" He came close to my face "why so

angry Mrs. Richmond? You are way more beautiful when you're smiling, my dear." He whispered in my ear. I freaked out, before something more happened I escaped out of the room, like I always did.

I've stopped running at the corridor, why was I even running?! I definitely had feelings for him, so why should I hide them any longer when he didn't does? But it's my teacher.

"He's just about 5 years older than me, so he's childish. That's normal I guess, or not? All the boys behave like that..all the bad boys do." I thought. "Oh ,fuck it!" I said and turned around.

I opened the door again and slammed it behind me. Mr. Kingsley was still there and packed his bag as he saw me he smirked "you've forgotten your book again."

I didn't care what he said I just saw his irresistible lips and how bad I wanted to kiss them since that day I first met him so I strictly went towards him till there wasn't

any space between us. I pushed him backwards to the board and followed, none of us was saying something, we were just staring at each other. My mouth ghostly touched his lips

as he slightly put his hand on my waist and pulled me closer - my chest touched his, we were so close I could feel his heartbeat. Unconscious I've opened up my mouth a little bit as he stroked

my cheek. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the contact. He came closer and closer till his lips finally closed the gap between us. The way he knew how to move his mouth softly was indescribable.

His hands moved slightly up my back till they reached my hair where he started playing with. The kiss was soft and gentle at first, parted with heavy breaths. "I thought I shall rather.." I said

breathing heavily "..rather take a photo of you.." I joked while he kissed my neck covetous.

He looked down to me and held my chin up while he said "this is much better I guess." He smirked and pulled me softly closer just to kiss my lips again.

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