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heliakalon "Fight it,take the pain,ignite it"
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Fear keeps you alive.


by Mitchel Mischers

She was running - running through the woods. The moon was shining bright in the dark sky and the stars were glimmering.

She felt his presence behind her so she run faster and faster while the trees were reaching their branches afterwards her.

Red eyes glinted in the darkness as she turned around "No!" She cried and tried to find a way out of the woods.

A bright light was shining at the end of the path, relieved she thanked god. As she reached the end, her eyes were full of tears and she didn't stop running - rather she run even faster.

Eased she closed her eyes and was sure to be in a safe place now - out of the woods - with the first shafts of sunlight at the sky.

But what she didn't see was the cliff she was running to.

With a smile on her face she run with closed eyes and fell down the cliff, as she realized she was falling she opened her eyes and was shocked of what she saw.

A young man with brown hair and white skin was standing at the edge of the cliff, starring at her with his hands hidden in his pockets. He was the most beautiful thing she has ever seen but..

..he stared at her with red eyes.

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