the greatest adventure
the greatest adventure funny2016 stories

helenatacyI eat whole bags of Doritos and then cry
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the sttory speak for itself

the greatest adventure

by helenatacy

mike ate so many butts

like you have no idea he had butts for breakfast he poured milk on the butts like cereal butt flakes

then the butt police came

they said "MIKE YOU HAVE EATEN TOO MANY BUTTS" mike said "oh snap the butt cops come to take mah butts not today" he hopped into the buttmobile and zoomed away

mike is on the run right now

he's looking for a place to stay can anyone take him in? he has so many butts to eat he's willing to share the butts so many butts

that man is mike myers

austin powers eats all the butts you cant get enough of that shrek butt waynes world more like waynes butt more like butts world

the butt

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