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How life is a circle


by FA Paine

In books

Within the pages of the sacred paper, the main leader is stunning, with no fears to draw her back, no past to think about, she is simply stunning, with everyone at her feet.

In movies

She is a brightly corrupt spirit, with a heart of gold, however her soul dims further, and no one catches sight of her breaking.


There is always a love triangle, making me feel sick, making my self-esteem fall, as I sit on the collapsing brink, waiting to fall.


I walk in circles. Beautifully, stunningly, imperfect circles. Round and round I go, not knowing where it starts, or where it simply ends.

Prince Charming

There is no prince charming, waiting outside the door, standing there for you, his heart ready to rescue you.

Save yourself

You just got to save yourself, before the storm hits heart. You love you more than others, You are worth it too.

Who Care

Those who care will stay, picking up those pieces, that cut as all deep, that tempt us to leave.

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