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When a Muslim girl doesn't jump and takes the blame.


by FA Paine

The stars took care of me,

as I prepared to jump at last.

The wind whipped my face,

tempting me to stop.

I threw the knife down,

deciding to just jump.

But then you pulled me back,

begging me to stop.

Your eyes were the color of gold,

your tears the color of night.

But all I could see was black,

as you pulled me out of my dark trap.

That night, I had realized things changed.

Color went back to your face.

and for years we talked and talked.

deciding to stay close.

However one day you left,

and the wind reminded me of the silver part of you,

something you were not.

A thousand moons had passed,

Changing the ever-lasting currents.

One day, you returned,

with a girl made of plastic,

and a son made of gold.

I cried that very night,

wasted my own tears,

preparing to go to that one spot,

where we first had met.

Standing on the cliff yet again,

thinking my true love had been deceived.

I loved you more than others,

but I hated your cold heart.

A stomp next to me made me halt.

It was your son, the boy with eyes of pain.

He took my hand and led me astray,

crying and screaming your name,

taking me to your home,

where gore appeared everywhere.

His mother was long gone,

her blood on the floor,

while you were no where to be seen.

A knife was at my feet.

and sirens screeched away.

They stopped right at the door,

where they threw me to court in front of you.

I was declared guilty,

seven days ahead.

I held in the truth,

as they took me far away.

For years, they believed you, never taking faith in me;

for you were a lying man.

and I was a woman with a scarf.

They never trusted me, thinking I was a spy,

from the great Middle Eastern lands,

but all I wanted was a life.

I held onto faith,

when suicide left my mind,

and the voices appeared the next day,

as I watched the prisoners watch me.

I was like an alien,

the crazy one with no mind.

But all I ever really was known as,

Was the Muslim girl speaking lies.


This poem wasn't made to offend anyone, for I am Muslim as well. It breaks my heart to see people like this.

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