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We are delicious diversity stories

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All the glorious beans mixed up together in a A 15 Bean Soup illustrate the power of delicious diversity. How beautiful these beans are! All different types, all beautiful. Wish the world would see all the beautiful varieties of people there are and appreciate their beauty also, instead of their differences

We are delicious

by H. Lobecker

"I'm tasteless," said Red Bean.

"You've got to be Kidney," said Mother, "let me put in your little brother."

Large Red Bean was bigger than his brother smooth & glossy

and Small Red Bean had a white bellybutton.

"We're bland," said Brothers Bean.

"Oh Peas," said Mother, "I'll pour in your cousins."

Brothers Kidney deepened red and Cousin Pea did the splits.

"We're flavorless," said Split Peas.

"Your divided" said Mother, "here's a pinch to make you Whole."

Whole & half Larger & smaller Richer red & grassy green

Complementary contrasts allow for appreciated appearances .

"We're prosaic," said Peas.

"That's just Garbanzo" said Mother, "I'll sprinkle in some Limas."

Wrinked & round Longer & lumps Cosmic white & basal black

Interrelated involvement welcomes differentiated diversity.

"We don't savor," said Limas.

"Great," said Mother, "turtles, black-eyes, pintos and pinks will lentil you up."

Bright & flat Dents & divots Striated & stayed

Lovely legumes nourish natural delectable distinctiveness.

"Wow!" said the soup,"We are delicious!"

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